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   Chapter 652 Men And Women, Never Feel Exhaustion (Part One)

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Terence then reached out and ran her hair through his fingers and clipped away the stray strands to the back of her ears. He glanced at her and then with affection in his voice, he said, "It has already been decided, Honey, and I hope you'll be okay with it. I hope you'll eventually understand."

"Well, as long as Sean is safe, then I don't see why I should object to such decision."

Carla then took a sweet glance at him and nodded her head in agreement.

Terence was known to be very familiar with business affairs management. Carla was even certain that without the mayor, they would still be able to handle the military and political affairs quite smoothly as long as they keep strong connections with the army.

"Honey, you don't have to worry about a thing. I have already asked a favor from grandpa to arrange several people of Sean's age to join the army. In this way, we can be assured that Sean will be taken good care of. I'm sure he will be fine with our secret protection. And on top of that, he'll be sure to have more friends that way,"

Terence explained with a smile. After all, he would do everything in his power to ensure Sean's safety and also assure Carla that everything would be fine.

Moreover, the whole thing was not as serious as she thought.

Terence requested that his grandfather gather a few boys of good moral character to accompany Sean in the army. Being only two or three years older than Sean, Terence was sure that they would get along eventually.

"Oh my god, that's good. Thank you for being so considerate! I feel so relieved right now,"

Carla said as she took a big sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, s

on to the next morning. After all, he had already finished the work that he was supposed to do the next day. He was so productive and efficient with his work that day that it was like he hit two birds with one stone. He worked while he keeping his wife company.

It was such a good deal for him. If it weren't for that, then he would have never had the opportunity to see her the whole week.

But he was about to have dinner with his clients that evening, which was why Carla had to go home first.

He had so much fun with dinner that he didn't come home until two in the morning.

Coming home drunk, he held Carla tightly around his arms and started to kiss her relentlessly right after she had opened the door. Grasping her with all his might, he carried her straight to bed and they made passionate love with each other. Right after that, they lay on the bed both panting with satisfaction.

"So, how are things going?"

Even after making love, Carla still made sure to ask him about what happened with work. After all, she knew that Terence needed to vent out his anger from work that day.

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