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   Chapter 651 It Was Critical To Have A Long-term Strategic Vision

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At the AJ Building

Once she was back home, she immediately left for the company office.

A month earlier, she had set up a team of her own and recruited several competent employees. The team specialized in designing the company's brand image.

Carla had recently expanded her team's business and started taking orders from other companies. After all, her intention was to create better design works for the company, but she needed to gain more experience first.

Of course, the main task of Carla's team was to complete the AJ Group's projects. Carla's office address had not changed.

As for taking orders from other companies, that was Terence's advice. Terence had told Carla that it could help develop her independence and leadership skills.

Besides, most of the companies that provided Carla's team with orders had partnerships with the AJ Group, which was a requirement for the company.

As soon as Carla arrived at the office, she summoned the members of her team for a meeting and assigned the tasks for the week. After the meeting, she couldn't wait to go see Terence in his office.

"You're here, Mrs. Carla! Mr. Terence has just finished with a meeting and is now in his office."

Terence's assistant greeted Carla politely as he walked toward her.

"Oh, I see. By the way, is he very busy with work today?" Carla asked. She hadn't had dinner with Terence for a long time, so she wanted to enjoy a good meal with him before going to her mother's home for a visit.

"Yes. He has a bunch of files to go through and sign today. In the afternoon, he needs to attend a meeting about the company's operating strategy for the next quarter. In the evening, he is scheduled to have dinner with the president of one of our cooperative companies and renegotiate some terms of cooperation between both parties,"

the assistant replied.

Carla nodded, trying to hide her disappointment. 'Well, having dinner together seems unlikely, ' she thought. When she found out how busy he was, she felt guilty about not being able to share his worries and concerns at work.

Terence had been a great husband throughout all these years. No matter how busy or tired he was, he would always smile gently and be calm around her.

Carla walked to his office. She was about to enter when Nathan, who was standing at the door, winked at her, gesturing that someone else was inside.

Carla pursed her lips and stood quietly, waiting patiently.

Through the door, she could faintly hear Terence's angry voice.

"Nathan, what's going on?" Carla asked in a low voice. It was rare of Terence to

Sean joined the army, there would be no suitable person to act as his right-hand man.

Terence held her tighter and kissed her on the lips. "Honey, Sean must join the army. Having social relations in the army would make our family invincible. I'm sure you understand..."

The business world was seemingly peaceful, but it was actually like a jungle. Only the winner was entitled to be the king.

Competitors had to have a strong background if they wanted to win.

"Yes, but even if Sean goes to join the army, it will take him at least ten years to achieve something there. Wouldn't that be too late?"

Carla asked anxiously. Having been with Terence for several years, she had begun to understand the importance of social relations.

The An Family was probably going to have fewer social relations in political circles, so it only made sense for them to have some in military circles. Terence had to win the support of all social communities if he wanted the An family to remain powerful and influential.

In other words, even if Sean did not do anything in the future, no one would dare to offend the An family as long as he held an important position in the army.

Why were businessmen afraid of officials?

It was because the officials had the real power in their hands. This principle had not changed since ancient times.

"No. Our family has a lot of potential powers. On the surface, they may seem trivial, but together, they are strong enough to ensure no one will even dare to offend us. During his stay there, Sean will have enough time to grow into a capable man,"

Terence said confidently. For him, it was critical to have a long-term strategic vision. He had a habit of making plans way in advance.

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