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   Chapter 650 Mr. Steven

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Sally was able to make her point come across, saying that she would only be able to meet her mommy when she got back from school in the afternoon.

It didn't matter how hard they tried to persuade her because Sally just wouldn't budge, insisting that Carla should be the one to take her to school so the two of them could spend more time together on their way there.

Finding out what was in Sally's mind made Carla's heart ache. It made her feel so guilty that she thought she should start waking up early to take her to school herself, so she could spend more time with her from now on.

As these thoughts were running in Carla's mind, they had arrived at the school. As she watched her little girl walk into the school holding the teacher's hand, Carla was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

There were still some things she needed to pick up at home, so she intended to drop by the Seaview Villa before heading over to the company. She was in a bit of a hurry to leave earlier, worrying that Sally might be late for school.

Carla had already gone back to work these past two months. And today, she happened to have some things she needed to take care of. Under normal circumstances, there wouldn't really be a need for her to go to the company.

There was one section of the road outside the school which vehicles were not allowed to pass through. Because of that, Carla had no choice but to walk around for a while before she was able to get back to the car parked on the side of the road.

At this moment, a man standing across the road, who seemed to be talking to his superior, was asking a young man wearing a hat, "Mr. Steven, please. You have to go back with me."

"No way. I don't want to. Why should I do that? I feel like some kind of prisoner under constant surveillance by you guys day in and day out."

"Master, we don't have much of a choice at this point in time. You've only just recovered from your previous injury. So, there's no way I could risk letting anything happen to you."

The man kept on going after the young man while desperately trying to convince him to come home.

After a while, the young man stopped in his tracks and looked back at him as he adjusted his cap. "Victor, please just cut it out already. I'm getting tired of this. I've told you countless times that you shouldn't follow me. I'll be the one responsible for my own safety. I can fend for myself."

"No, Sir! I can't do that. If you really don't want to go back home, you should at least let me follow you to ensure your safety. I'll go wherever you will go!"

The young man was pacing so fast that Victor needed to run after him in order to catch up.

"Look out!"

The young man failed to notice Carla walking right in front of him because he was so preoccupied w

r name?"

Hearing him asking such a question, Carla paused for a second and then grabbed a business card out of the purse she was carrying, handing it over to him and adding impatiently, "Don't call me if it isn't anything serious."

Not wanting to waste time introducing herself to him, she decided to just give him a business card to get it over with quickly despite knowing that her phone number was also printed on it.

Grabbing the card from her hand, Steven's eyes was glued to her up until she got in the car and left. After that, he glanced at the card in his hand and read out loud, "Carla Ji."

Steven's eyebrows were deeply knit as he stared at the name printed on the card. Her name sounded so familiar. It really felt that he had already heard of it once before.

"Victor, does this name ring a bell to you? I feel like I've already heard this name, but I just can't remember where."

He asked Victor who was standing next to him.

Leaning a little closer to have a look at it, Victor rubbed his forehead and pondered about it for a while. Shortly after, he finally recognized the name and he said, "Master, I think she is the wife of the president of the AJ Group. Oh, that's right! She's Mr. Terence's wife."

He might not know most of the big names in JA City, but Terence was the first person Steven's father wanted to pay a visit before he came to this city. For that reason, Victor had an idea who his wife was.

The frown in Steven's face deepened the moment he heard what Victor said.

Of course, he knew who Terence was. He knew him quite well.

Ever since he was a young boy, he would always hear the people around talking about how much of an outstanding and powerful man Terence was.

It was just that Steven never would've expected that the first time he would have a connection with Terence would be through his wife.

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