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   Chapter 649 The New Mayor

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"Excuse me? What's going on inside?"

Carla was shocked, feeling nervous and jittery. The police had shut down the entire road. The whole city hall perimeter was surrounded by police cars. Carla was both curious and anxious. She wanted to know if there was an important person inside or if there had been some accident.

"The new mayor is being elected today! That's why there's a huge crowd and security is on high alert." a policeman explained the situation to her patiently.

She suddenly remembered reading about it. Every five years, a new mayor was elected for JA City. Sometimes, the old mayor was reelected.

The mayor they had right now had won the second time during the last elections. Everyone was talking about how he wouldn't be elected this time.

Carla had also heard about it on the news. She didn't really care much. She knew what was going on and that was enough for her.

Since the road had been shut down, she thought of taking another route. She had asked Rainer to wait for her by the next intersection. Now, due to the large crowd, she thought she should give him a call and let him know where she was.

"Did you hear that the new mayor is going to be someone from the Su family?"

"Hush! Keep your voice down! Don't blab..."

"Humph, what are you so afraid of? Mr. An has been the major for two terms now. It's time for him to give someone else the chance!" "But would the An family be affected if he wasn't reelected?"

"Of course, it would! It has helped the An family greatly! No one dared to challenge them because they had his support. If a new mayor got elected, the An family would lose their power in politics. Of course, it would affect them!"

Initially, all Carla wanted was to find her way through the crowd. However, the murmurs intrigued her.

"That makes sense. Every dog has its day. The An family has been the most powerful and wealthy family in the town for a decade! It seems like their time has come to an end!"

"Eh? I don't think so. Nicholas is still alive. As long as he is alive, his distinguished services in the military will support the family. Plus, the AJ Group has great influence in the business world. I don't think the An family would fall that easily..."

"That's true. But how lo

honey. You have to have a little more faith in your husband too! Can you do that?"

Carla nodded and put her head on his shoulder, drowsy but anxious.

All the worrying had exhausted her.

"Alright! It's late, honey. Let's go to bed!"

Terence said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. He then picked her up and carried her upstairs.

He knew he'd been too busy, and that was probably why she had started overthinking everything.

He was tired, but he had made his mind to make sweet love to her.

The next morning, Carla wasn't surprised to find his spot empty when she woke up.

She pulled the blanket off her body and rubbed her painful neck. Terence always went overboard when they had sex. She had talked to him about it several times, but it turned out he could never resist it!

"Mrs. Carla, are you awake?"

Hannah knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Carla picked her pajamas up from the floor and put them on. "Is everything okay, Hannah?"

"Miss Sally refuses to go to school without you. She insists you take her to school. What should I..." Hannah trailed off. She had been trying to persuade Sally for a while.

But Sally was adamant on going to school with Carla.

"Okay, I got it. Tell her I'm coming down shortly!" Carla smiled wryly as she got out of the bed. It was only Sally's second day of going to school. She had expected her daughter to be fussy in the beginning.

Carla dressed up and asked Rainer to take the car out, and then she took Sally to school.

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