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   Chapter 648 Going To Kindergarten

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It was Carla's breakfast, and Terence was in a good mood while feeding Carla. He seemed to enjoy switching from the greens to the sausages so that his wife could have a variety of tastes in her palate.

Soon enough, Carla finished eating everything, including the very hearty soup Terence had made just for her.

"Honey, would you like to have another bowl of the soup?" Terrence asked as he passed a piece of tissue to her. In fact, Carla enjoyed the entire meal so much that she was still in the mood for another helping of everything.

After all, she needed the energy for she didn't have enough sleep the night before. Terence tired her out until dawn. If she had not stopped him, they might have continued until the sun was up.

Carla shook her head in response to her husband's question. With every bit of her tired body, she lazily dragged herself back to bed. Thinking that she would feel more rested, she closed her eyes. But the bed didn't do much for her but to feel even more tired than she already was.

"How is Sally? Is she feeling any better?" Carla asked. She might be tired to her core, but she was a mother. And no amount of exhaustion could ever stop her from fulfilling her duties as a mother to her child. She looked at the clock, took a quick nap and decided to check on her daughter.

"You don't have to worry, dear. She's fine. In fact, Sean has already taken her outside to play right after she received the new medicine the doctor gave her." Terence looked at her with sincerity and concern. He smiled before he continued, "If you feel tried, just go back to sleep. Take all the time you need to rest, we're not in a hurry."

There was no other reason for Carla to be in a hurry. And since the ceremony was already done, there was nothing for her to do but laze around and relax.

Without a moment of hesitation, Carla nodded her head. She then lay her head on the pillow and almost instantly fell asleep.

And just like that, time flew like the wind.

The two-month summer vacation had already ended.

Both Sean and Sally were ready to go to school. Sean was already in high school while Sally was a little student in kindergarten.

Looking back at her injury, the wound on her forehead had completely healed, leaving no visible scar to remind her of her injury. Her beautiful recovery would not be possible without the help of the doctor who had been putting medicine on her wound every day.

Meanwhile, Carla and Violet both decided to take their children together to the same kindergarten class.

Carla initially wanted to pay for Cody's tuition. But when they arrived in school, Carla found out that the tuition was already paid by Cody's dad, William. Carla didn't think too much and just kept silent about it since it was really William's job and responsibility to pay for his own son's tuition.

She didn't have to worry so much about it after knowing that Violet and William were officially back together.

"I sense that you're still unhappy. Has William taken you to see his parents?"

Carla asked as she looked at Violet, sipping coffee at a coffee shop near the school. Violet sat across h

l. Hm... It is Sally's first day of school. Don't worry about her. She's fine. She didn't even cry,"

Carla talked to Andrea on the phone as she walked.

"That's good to hear. Callie, since Sally goes to school every day now and you have some time for yourself, when do you plan to visit your mother in HA City? I miss you..."

Andrea said with longing in her voice. Carla hadn't come to visit for a while now so Andrea invited them to her house. But they couldn't get a good timing since Terence didn't have the time to spare.

Andrea had been really missing Carla ever since her last visit.

Carla could tell how urgent Andrea wanted to see her. With her heart all warmed up, she replied, "You know what, Mother? I have been thinking of it too! I will visit you soon, I promise. Just give me a few days to take care of the rest of my work. After that, I will stay with you for a couple days."

Carla had been wanting to visit Andrea for a long time. But, Terence had been busy and kept pushing their schedule back. It had been two months since she came back, and she still wasn't able to see Andrea.

"That's great! Let me know ahead of time before you come. I will pick you up!"

Upon hearing Carla's plan, Andrea's sad voice was suddenly filled with glee.

The longing in Andrea's voice was so apparent because they were barely able to see each other since Carla's return home.

Missing her daughter each and every night, Andrea had dreamed about her every time she slept.

Back in her house, Andrea only had Tristan and Noah to keep her company. After all, Bonnie was married to a foreigner, and she barely called, while York, on the other hand, only paid her a visit during the big holiday.

Busy fidgeting on the phone, Carla didn't notice the cordon in front of her.

"Excuse me, Miss. This area is under the state of siege. Please walk around the area to avoid any problems!"

A policeman in a blue uniform warned Carla as she walked closer.

Seeing many policemen handling the situation, Carla suddenly realized that there was something important going on inside.

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