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   Chapter 647 Carla's Promise

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7899

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Carla didn't expect Sally to push Eric back.

However, she wasn't mad at her. Sally had been nice to him. It seemed that the soft way didn't work for him. He had to learn his lesson the hard way.

Carla just hoped that Eric would not bother Sally in the future, and she wouldn't have to worry about Sally again.

After all, they were family. Even they try to keep Sally away from Eric, the two cousins meeting was inevitable.

In the next room, Sean had just brought Sally back.

She sat down and sighed, sounding as exhausted as a man back from work.

"What's wrong? Does it still hurt?"

asked Sean with great concern after putting her on the bed.

Sally pouted, "Uncle Sean, what should I do? What if this scar never goes away? Am I going to be ugly?"

Everyone was talking about how pretty she was. The little girl couldn't help but worry if her scar would cost her those compliments.

"Don't worry! I already checked that for you. First of all, the wound isn't bad, and it is under your hair. It won't show on your forehead. And even if it did, you will remain as beautiful! The worst thing would be to see your sad face, and that's the only thing anyone would feel bad about!" Rubbing her puffy cheeks, Sean reassured the little one.

Sally blinked her eyes timidly. Looking back at him with an innocent expression, she asked, "Sean, will you dislike me if I get ugly in the future?"

Sean laughed out loud. "Of course not! I will never dislike you! Besides, who is telling you one's appearance decides how much people like them?"

"Really? So you would marry me no matter what? Even if I don't look as I do now?"

Sally's question stunned Sean.

It took him a while to recover from that. His face turned red in embarrassment. "Sally, I am your uncle! I will protect you for the rest of your life, but I can't marry you!"

It was unethical, and he planned to never think about it in the future.

He didn't really have a blood connection with Carla, but they were family. He was Carla's little brother!

" can ask Cody if he wants..."

Sally's eyes widened as she pouted with great dissatisfaction. "Nope! You already kissed me! Mommy told me only a husband can kiss his wife!"

Sean was dumbstruck. How was he supposed to respond to that? "Sally I am your uncle, so it doesn't count. It's the same thing as when your

ke up! Have some breakfast, and then you can go back to sleep!"

He put the breakfast try on the bedside table, and then he sat on the edge of the bed, blowing on the soup to cool it down.

Carla still lay in bed without any movement. She opened her eyes and took a look at him. She then turned her back toward him and went back to sleep.

He had completely worn her out last night. She had only had four or five hours of sleep. Naturally, she was exhausted.

Behind her, Terence's dark eyes narrowed again. He stared at her bare back. The blanket was only covering her lower body.

He put down the soup and moved closer to her. She realized he was looking at her, and she mumbled lazily, "Don't you have to go to work? Why are you still here?"

"I will later this afternoon. I need to go back to the East Yard in a while to take care of some business there."

Carla's eyes were still closed, so she didn't see the lust in his eyes.

But soon, his hand cupped her soft shoulder, making her realize something wasn't right. "Carla... don't you know how easy it is for a man to be aroused by his woman in the morning?"

It took her a second to process what he meant. "Eh?"

She muttered. Then she turned around to look at him. When she saw her lustful face towering above her, her heart skipped a beat.

But it seemed like it was too late for her to refuse. Terence had already gotten into the bed, and was only inching closer.

Half an hour later, Carla drank the soup while gnashing her teeth, staring at this man who loved her so terribly and so truly.

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