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   Chapter 646 That Was Fair

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After hearing Eunice's name being called, her body started trembling. She slowly walked over with her son

"Father, aren't they just kids playing around? Is there a need to be this serious about it?"

Eunice said as she was walking closer with her son. After looking at Sally, she continued, "Sally, Eric is your older cousin. He didn't mean to hurt you. I'll let him apologize, okay?"

Upon hearing this, Sally quickly slipped down to the ground from Edmund's arms.

She ran over towards where Eric was.

When she was finally in front of him, she looked at Eric who was hiding behind his mother with her big watery eyes. "Eric, aren't you going to apologize to me? Are you really going to do it? Come out then! Why are you still hiding behind your mommy?"

Although Sally was still young, she was displaying her cunningness by not talking to Eunice at all.

Upon hearing this, Eric started to look around him. And then, he looked toward his mother with fear in his eyes.

Eunice patted his back and hinted him to quickly apologize.

Initially speaking, she wanted to cover up this incident and just let it die out.

However, this thing was slowly escalating with everyone watching them.

It was impossible for her to argue in favor of her son.

Eric finally came out from behind Eunice and walked forward. He let go of her hand and stood in front of her.

"Sally, I am sorry..."

Right after he just finished apologizing, Eric was about to walk back to Eunice. However, Sally quickly replied, "Wait! I didn't hear what you said. Can you come closer and say it again?"

Sally said as she pointed to the spot right next to her. Her bright eyes blinked innocently.

Carla was just a bystander. She didn't know what her daughter wanted to do to him. However, she knew enough that her daughter wasn't going to let Eric off that easily.

Normally, when something happened and wasn't that much of a deal, Sally wouldn't take it seriously. But... if she was pissed, she was going to make sure that the person who pissed her off would pay.

Eric walked toward where Sally wanted him to go and apologized again.

"Sally, I am sorry..."

Just as he finished his last word, Sally suddenly pushed him with all her strength.

Eric wasn't prepared for it at all. He didn't expect that Sally would push him in front of everyone else.

He fell down with a loud thump ensued by his head.

Despite everyone watching what was happening, they were far enough that no one could help Eric in time.

Eric h

t he didn't expect that she was hurt that bad.

"Sean! I pushed Eric too. I heard he had stitches!"

Sally said proudly. Her previous crying face was nowhere to be seen and was now replaced with a triumphant smile.

Hearing this, Sean couldn't help but have a wry smile. He walked inside the villa carrying her in his arms.

Terence came out of the car and stood beside Carla before finally holding her hand and walked in behind them.

"Sally's just like you."

"Oh, really?"

Carla gave Terence a cold glance. Evidently, she looked worried.

"I think it's nice. At least we don't have to worry about her getting hurt in the future," Terence laughed while he held her closer as they walked inside.

At this point on, Terence was sure that Eric wouldn't dare trouble Sally anymore.

Sally's retaliation had surprised Carla too. She didn't expect her daughter to have the guts to do such a thing.

Looking back, she honestly thought that Edmund would have been disappointed at Sally. However, contrary to her expectations, he didn't take Eric's side and even reprimanded Rhys and Eunice.

Edmund had told them to be more strict with their son.

Although Eric was the only boy in the family's current generation, they shouldn't have spoiled him like that. He might grow up to be a reckless man and could shame the family name.

If the parents couldn't raise their son up to be a proper man, they shouldn't have brought him into this world in the first place.

Emily was currently looking back at the events that transpired. Eunice's face had been very dark upon hearing what Edmund had said to her. Upon seeing her face, it put Emily in a really good mood.

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