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   Chapter 645 You Will Destroy Him

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"Besides, I have already explained it to you that it was not Eric who caused Sally's head injury. So even if you still want to find out who caused her head injury, I say that you should look for the sons of your two cousins. Why do you even think it's Eric's fault? "

Eunice complained with a dreary look.

Meanwhile, the ancestor-worship ceremony had already ended and some people had already left. With the amount of people in the event, no one surely knew whether the two children were still around or not.

"Eunice, we assure you that the two children will be here soon. Even though they were just children, they should still be responsible for their faults. And you do know very well that parents should discipline their children whenever they do something wrong. But Eunice, if Eric didn't do it, then we would have wrongly accused him of something dreadful,"

Carla said in a cold voice.

But she knew very well that Eunice was determined to protect her son, just like any other parent would. And that was why she made it an excuse saying that it was normal for children to fight and have a row at times.

Not long ago, a servant who was looking after Eric saw that he fell down accidentally. And when Eunice knew about it, she immediately scolded the servant and sent him home that same day.

This, however, was just something that Carla overheard from the housekeeper.

Luckily, Eric just fell down and didn't suffer any injury. But Eunice was still very angry at what happened. Carla couldn't even imagine how furious Eunice would be if Eric also suffered the same fate as Sally.

"Eric couldn't have done it, of course. I'm certain about it. Not only has Eric been known to be clever, but he is also known to be a sensible child. Even the school teachers often praised him as a smart student. And as a matter of fact, never did he ever fight with any of his classmates!"

Eunice raised her head as she said her statement with pride in her voice.

But Eunice was just lying to herself. She knew very well that everyone in the school knew how much of a bully Eric was. But the parents were too afraid to speak out the truth about it since he was the grandson of the powerful An family. And as a result, the students who got fed up with his bullying weren't able to do anything but transfer to other schools just to avoid him.

"Don't worry about it, Eunice. Since you claim that Eric didn't do it, then I believe you and I will not further blame him."

Carla glanced at Eunice and then went inside.

Meanwhile, Edmund rushed to the scene as soon as he heard the news. He wrapped his arms around Sally as tight as he could upon seeing her with a bandage on her head.

"What's going on, sweetheart? Why do you have a bandage on your head? Who did this to my sweet little girl?

I will never allow her to have any scars on her beautiful face!"

Sally didn't mutter a single word, but instead shed tears from her sad eyes. And with this, Edmund was even more bothered and distressed.

Meanwhile, Rhys came in with his son Eric.

But at the sight of her son being brought to the room again, Eunice's face suddenly turned gloomy. Hurriedly, she grabbed Rhys by the arm, brought him outside

reluctant to play with master Eric since the last incident, so she naturally refused master Eric to play with the plane with him. And as a result..."

After saying these words, Dean took a glance at Eunice subconsciously with confusion.

Although Eunice had already given him a hint that he should hide the truth from them, he knew better. He still had to frankly tell the truth about what had happened since Mr. Terence had already made the order first. It was very evident that he was afraid of Mrs. Eunice, but he was even more terrified of Mr. Terence!

"Master Eric had a discussion with the two young masters. After that, they decided to take the plane from Miss Sally.

And of course, Miss Sally was not willing to give them the plane, so they threw Miss Sally to the ground during the fight," Dean continued.

Ady also nodded and said, "Yes, that's true, Mr. Edmund. By the time we noticed that they were having a fight, Miss Sally had already fallen to the ground!

But as caretakers of these children, we know that we are also responsible for this incident, and we're willing to accept any punishment."

All the servants who had experience looking after children knew that there would be some accidents along the way, no matter how careful they were at keeping an eye on them.

"What are you talking about? That's complete bullshit! Apparently, it's your carelessness that caused this problem. Why are you still trying to dodge the responsibility? I can't believe this! It's just so shameless!"

Eunice cried out in anger and frustration.

With a heavy heart, Edmund gave out a deep sigh. Although he loved all the three children, he still had to defend for Sally. After all, Eunice should admit that her son was also at fault in this scenario. And it was just outrageous for her to make such a fuss now that the truth had already been said and she still refused to believe, let alone admit it.

But at this point, Sally had already suffered such great grievance and pity. And that is enough reason not to let Eric off the hook so easily unless he admitted that it was indeed, his fault.

"Eunice! Bring Eric here!"

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