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   Chapter 644 Sally Got Hurt

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Kneaded by Terence for quite a while, Carla felt itchy. She laughed and brushed his hand from her waist. "Fine, but you won't be shy this time!"

Terence laughed, thinking about how cute she was.

"Let's see whether you can make me shy or not," he said, trying to provoke her.

Carla looked at him with a reserved smile but said nothing. 'You only talk big! I don't think there is nothing that can embarrass you, ' she thought to herself.

Holding her in his arms, and feeling her lean on his shoulder, Terence gazed at her profile and said, "Carla, you've no idea how tough the last few days have been for me."

Watching her slim, beautiful figure bolstered his urges. Her touch made him eager for action. However, he could do nothing.

"Well, what should we do?"

Carla asked on purpose, seeing him restraining his desire, then teased, "What about hunting for a mistress outside this family, so she can share part of my responsibilities. I'm a very generous person, you know!"

This was probably what his father would want him to do.

In Edmund's opinion, a man should not back himself into a corner. Even if he got married, he thought it was normal for him to have several mistresses.

Rhys was a good example with his education!

"Ouch! What are you doing? It hurts!"

Carla cursed, rubbing her butt, surprised at his strength.

"You wish! It's your duty to act as the whole purpose of my life! No one has the right to get close to me, except you!"

said Terence. Realizing he had pinched her a little too hard, he began to comfort her.

"Please stop! I beg you, I know I made a mistake..."

Carla begged for mercy, glancing at him helplessly. His spanking and biting turned her on too.

Terence poked her forehead, knowing he couldn't do anything but hug her. To keep himself from going further, he slept without cuddling with her, and turned the other way round.

Carla watched him sleeping, then went to sleep herself.

Time passed quickly, like a white pony's shadow across a crevice.

It had been a week, and it was time to worship the ancestors.

The ceremony was to be held at An Manor.

There was an ancestral temple there to worship the forefathers of the An family. Several times a year, the family would gather because of it. It was a place that stretched across a few acres, and could accommodate thousands of guests at the same time.

Every year, and every time, the ceremony was solemn and elaborate.

There were a lot of grandchildren in the An family, so the ceremony was so tremendous and splendid that it was almost as magnanimous as a wedding!

Until then, Carla had found out about all the branches of the family tree, all the children and grandchildren.

was going on. "Why, what happened? Why are you looking for Eric?"

"Sally's head got hurt because of him, don't you know?" Carla asked, raising her eyebrows, since Eunice was acting like she didn't know anything.

"Nonsense! What are you talking about! Eric is such a good boy, he would never hurt anyone. Sally might have gotten hurt some other way!"

Eunice denied clearly, shaking her head after she heard Carla. It might as well have been a joke.

"You reminded me! I heard that a kid of our cousin bullied Sally, and Eric helped her. Did Sally tell you that Eric hurt her?"

Eunice asked, casting a sharp glance at Carla.

Carla responded with a sneer, shocked to hear her so unreasonably defend and protect her son.

Little as Sally was, she wasn't capable of lying. She had already told them the whole story on the way back.

It was Eric and two other kids of some cousins who had ganged up on her and grabbed her stuff. She had even tried to call for help, but by the time the servants came to help her, they had already pushed her to a corner, hurting her head in the process.

"Eunice, we weren't present there, so neither of us know what actually happened. Therefore, it's better you ask Eric to come over here so we can clarify this whole thing face to face,"

Carla stated firmly. She was okay with the thing that had happened last time because no one had gotten hurt.

But this time it was different because Sally had gotten hurt badly. If she let things go this time, Sally wouldn't swallow it, neither would Carla!

"For god's sake, Carla, why are you taking it so seriously? It's normal for kids to get hurt here or there. Sally will be okay in a few days! I mean, we're family! Why are you making such a fuss?"

Eunice said unpleasantly as Carla insisted on finding Eric.

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