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   Chapter 642 Who Gets To Initiate (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6578

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On instinct, Carla widened her eyes in great shock when she felt that the man lifted one of her legs to place it around his waist.

That was not even the end of it.

He leaned his face forward towards Carla and stopped when he was inches away from her neck. It was so intimate that people might think that they were just a regular couple who was in love and showing their affection for one another. However, Carla knew that there was no doubt that the man was already out of strength at that moment. Therefore, he was only leaning on her for support.

Meanwhile, the man didn't stop with what he was doing. He held her leg even tighter and made some movements back and forth repeatedly.

Soon enough, there were two voices coming from upstairs. "Are you sure that you saw him running toward this way?"

"I didn't see it clearly but he should be here. Besides, there's nowhere else for him to go."

"There is a banquet down here. All the guests are famous and rich. We can't let this situation escalate or we won't be able to explain this to our boss."

Seconds later, a bright light coming from a flashlight shone down on Carla and the man.

When they saw the intimate "couple" in the corner, one of them hesitated for a second and said, "Fine. Anyway, it's not suitable for us to show up at the banquet. Tell our brothers to guard the exit. We'll catch him eventually unless he can fly out of here."


Then they left and soon enough, the sound of their voices and footsteps gradually disappeared.

After making sure that they were gone, Carla summoned all of her strength and pushed the man who was leaning over her. She wiped her neck with a little bit of force since it was touched by that man a moment ago.

Carla was really pissed off at the time since unfortunate things kept on happening to her. First, she was blocked from going inside the restroom on the second floor by teenage girls and then, not long after, she got taken advanta

his other hand holding on to his chest very tightly, Steven made his way downstairs, albeit very unsteadily.

Nonetheless, he didn't go to the banquet nor the second floor. Instead, he went straight downstairs.

It seemed like he didn't want anyone else to see him like that. Perhaps, it was because of his dignity or perhaps it was something else, like the men trying to look for him.

Carla continuously blinked her eyes when she suddenly thought of something. "Steven? Have I heard of that name before?" she murmured to herself. For some reason, she felt that the name really sounded familiar to her.

Those young girls outside the restroom on the second floor were already gone when Carla returned to it. After getting out of the restroom, Carla suddenly remembered where she heard the man's name.

Steven Su... Steven Su... Steven Su... If her memory served right, those teenage girls mentioned a Steven.

Was that the name that those girls had mentioned? Is it the same Steven Su that they were talking about? Could it be just a mere coincidence?

"Carla, are you okay? What happened? Did you get hurt?"

Kaylee asked with apparent concern in her voice when she saw Carla approaching her. There was a hint of blood on Carla's neck. Although it was not that obvious, Kaylee still noticed it.

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