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   Chapter 641 Hurry up! Embrace me!

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That night, what was made clear to Carla was that Kaylee was certainly great at socializing.

As soon as she stepped into the hall, almost everyone present greeted her. And of course, she greeted them back in the classiest and most elegant way possible.

'To some degree, the social circle of JA City's elite class is very exclusive. Hence, they must be aware of Kaylee and Father's relationship, ' Carla thought.

Their relationship could work as some kind of a protective shield for Kaylee. That way, no one would dare to offend her or block her path. Moreover, she had accumulated so much experience and power over the past years. Therefore, Kaylee seemed to have everything under her control.

"Carla, don't be nervous. And you don't need to be afraid, either. Do you have any idea how many people here are behaving in order to accommodate you?"

Kaylee said while she continued to greet people with a bright smile. And then she added, "Besides, don't you know how powerful your husband is? It would be kind of a waste if you don't take good advantage of his influence.

You need to trust yourself and your husband, but more especially him. Speaking of your husband, no one in JA City dares to provoke him at all. So what are you afraid of since you have him supporting you?"

Kaylee encouraged when she noticed that Carla was a little uneasy.

However, there was not an ounce of lie with what Kaylee just said. As Terence's wife, Carla could act as she wished and no one in JA City would even dare to judge her. Kaylee had only pointed out the truth to her.

"Nowadays, the social circle of JA City's elite class can be divided into three classes. But since you, of course, belong to the highest class, it doesn't matter. Everyone has to look up to you since you're one of the few that belong to the 1% of the 1%. Included in the highest class with you are some ladies whose husbands are mayors or political commissars. You only need to be friendly before them. That's all."

Aunt Kaylee explained while she waved her hand to the aforementioned ladies.

In the highest class, there were certainly one or two parties that were extremely powerful. But there were only a few of them. That was for sure.

When she heard what Kaylee had said, Carla turned her head to the ladies.

She had actually met them at her wedding. But after so many years, memory had already faded away since they had only met once.

"Although the An family doesn't fear anything, it's better not to piss off those government officials. The officialdom is way too complicated,"

Kaylee reminded her.

Carla nodded her head slightly to gesture that she understood.

To Carla, it was just a banquet that day. She was only there to meet some people and make some friends so she could get used to such occasions in the future.

It had been four years since she took part in such an event. Although, she didn't actually attend a lot of parties

was also quiet there since the people in attendance were all from the elite class and they were all wearing fancy clothes. Hence, no one would like to take the stairs even though they might need to wait a long time for the elevator.

But Carla was different. She was in a hurry and didn't have those "elite class" habits so she took the stairs.

However, when she was going upstairs, she didn't notice that a man was staggering downstairs towards her. It seemed like he might fall anytime.

When Carla noticed the man, he was only three steps away from her. She took a step aside as soon as possible.

But the moment she stepped aside, she saw the man fall forward.

Out of instinct, Carla held on to his shoulders to prevent him from falling. She then asked, "Are you okay?"

Hearing her words, the man looked up. Carla was immediately stunned.

How could this man be okay?

There was blood on his handsome face and he was still bleeding. His magnificent lashes blinked slightly while those dark eyes had already lost their focus. His lips were shaking as if he was trying to say something.

"I'm sorry but what did you just say?"

Carla subconsciously lowered her head to him so she could hear him better. Then she held her breath and heard, "Help, help me. Someone's trying to kill me."

"What?" Carla was shocked for a second before she could hold on to the man tighter. She then responded, "I'll go get someone for help!"

Although she was in a hurry for the restroom, she couldn't just leave him to die like that.

But before she could make a move, the man suddenly took her by the arm and put his arms around her.

He was out of strength a moment ago. However, he summoned up his energy and pulled Carla to the corner. It almost cost all of his strength before he completed all of those movements. He then buried his head to her neck.

"Embrace me. Hurry up!"

The man ordered while he placed Carla's hands around his waist.

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