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   Chapter 639 Is The Period Coming

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"You should take a look at yourself in the mirror. It seems to me that you're on edge. What? Are you worried that I might hurt you?"

Kaylee asked, wearing such a charming smile in her eyes.

"No, of course not. I know you're not gonna hurt me. It's just that I wanted to know what kind of thing it is,"

Carla replied with a smile on her face as she sat right next to Kaylee on the vacant chair with Sally.

Seeing the two of them, Edmund understood in an instant that the two of them had something to talk about. Shaking his head, he waved at Sally and said, "Come here, Sally. Do you still remember what grandpa promised last time, that I was going to make it up to you by showing you a huge plane? Why don't you come with me? I'll take you there so you can see it."

Being by Edmund's side for ten years, Kaylee had never really asked for anything despite her identity being kept a secret.

But apart from that, there was one more quality of hers which attracted him the most.

Kaylee was an independent woman, someone good at interacting with people. Being the forthright woman that she was, she had never done anything behind Edmund's back that would displease him.

For that reason, he had never come across anybody that could replace her throughout all these years.

If he was completely being honest, Edmund had come to realize that there was no way he could ever find a soul mate like Kaylee who was capable of reading his thoughts and was willing to give him space.

And on top of that, he found out that as people grew older, they had the tendency to want to feel secure and settle down.

For a while now, he had been contemplating the possibility of tying the knot with her.

"It's not anything too serious. It's just that there is a dinner party that I have to go to, tomorrow night, and I will just get bored if I go there by myself, so I was just wondering if you would like to go there with me,"

Kaylee said, unable to hold back her laughter upon seeing how nervous Carla was.

"So, that's it? Auntie, you're quite well-known both in the circles of entertainment and wealth, and everyone is eager to talk with you, so how could you feel bored?"

Carla felt so relieved upon hearing this. Taking out two clean cups, Carla served tea for Kaylee and herself to enjoy.

"Yes, I have a lot of nodding acquaintances, but only a handful of them are actually enjoyable," Kaylee said, in a manner that seemed to show the unsteadiness of the world.

"Carla, the first time we met in the gambling house, I had a good impression of you. However, I never would've expected that we were relatives! This just proves that fate brought us together. So, we have to look out for each other. You should go out with me as much as you can whenever you have some free time.

You're gonna be the hostess of the An family, so there are a lot of things you have to learn. I've met a lot of dignitaries in the circle, and I'm certain that they'll be of great help to you someday."

Upon hearing this, a smile crept onto Carla's face, and she said, "You're the one who has helped me the most, so I don't think anyone else could b

that I have, the latest party she's going to attend is going to be held tomorrow evening, and wives of the officers and the wealthiest people in JA City are gonna be there. So, did Aunt Kaylee ask you to tag along?"

Using his power of deduction, Terence looked at her with glistening eyes and said what he thought.

As she listened to his in-depth analysis, Carla had no choice but to give him the thumbs up, "Honey, you're great at this!"

Never could she have expected that he would be able to give such an accurate guess.

"Carla, I totally agree with it. I think it's a great idea. Aunt Kaylee is rather dauntless, and social interaction is one of the things she's quite good at, so I think you can learn a lot from her,"

Terence remarked, holding her hand to show his support.

"I think the same way. If I really want to belong to the circle, I would have to become acquainted with more people," Carla answered, feeling up the underside of her belly.

She started to feel so uncomfortable all of a sudden. If she remembered correctly, her period should be coming right about now.

From what she could guess, it would be very soon.

"What's wrong, Carla? You don't look okay. Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Terence worriedly asked her upon noticing the strange look on her face. So, he immediately pulled over on the side of the road.

Then, he suddenly heard Carla blurt something out, "Oops. It looks like my period is coming. Where is my stuff?"

Grabbing her purse, Carla rummaged through her bag and looked for something. It was only then that she realized she had brought a different purse earlier, the one she needed was left at home.

Fortunately for her, she noticed that they were right in front of a 24-hour convenience store. Carla opened the door, intending to get out and purchase something from the store.

However, just as she was about to shut the door close, she caught sight of a brilliant color in the car seat.

In an instant, her face became flushed red with embarrassment.

'For god's sake, please just kill me now!' she pondered to herself.

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