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   Chapter 638 A Crazy Dog

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After hearing what Lucy had said, Eunice had to pause.

Her hand trembled as she slowly raised and pointed it at Lucy.

"What... what the hell are you saying? Do you honestly think I'm that stupid? How dare you have the gall to demand twenty million dollars from me?"

Lucy had gotten completely insane!

Eunice did promise to give her two million dollars in exchange for keeping her mouth shut.

However, just after a night, Lucy shamelessly raised that number to twenty million. Eunice had a hard time processing the current situation.

After thinking it through, she concluded that Lucy had lost her mind!

"Mrs. Eunice... I'm already being nice to you. You know very well what you did. I'm just a normal woman. I couldn't have a connection with the associate editor of the news agency. Which means that it would have been impossible for me to have asked him to report the 'unrealistic news'.

You planned everything. You even framed your own family. Can you imagine what will happen if this comes out? Your reputation will go down the gutter!"

"Now, let's think about it a little more, shall we? Would the An family let you remain in the family after knowing what you had done?"

Lucy slowly said with a pleasant voice.

"Twenty million dollars is not much to you. Don't you think I'm generous enough just to ask for such a measly amount? Think about it, your dignity and reputation should be worth significantly more than this right?"

Lucy pointed her own face as she sneered.

In her point of view, since Eunice had married into the An family. Her monthly expenses would definitely be a huge number. Twenty million dollars shouldn't be a big deal for her.

"You crazy bitch! You're out of your goddamn mind! No wonder Terence didn't want to be with you! Not even a male prostitute would want to marry a bitch like you!"

Eunice looked at her with fiery eyes. She had always thought of Lucy as a poor, defenseless woman. Never had she expected that Lucy could be so heartless.

She pondered a bit more before finally blurting out, "Fine! As long as you keep your mouth shut, the money will be transferred to your account. If word got out and I find out it's from you, even just a single word about it, I will make sure you will regret it!"

"Someone escort her out now!"

Eunice shouted out to the servants nearby.

Lucy gave Eunice a glance before snorting loudly and leaving the house.

Lucy had nothing right now. Money was the only thing that could help her start a new life in a different place.

She could no longer stay in JA City.

As Eunice wat

eed the entire family wealth. Terence had to have a son in the future.

"Father! Kaylee!"

Carla shouted as she walked out of a room with her hands waving at Sally.

"Is everything ready?" she asked when she neared them.

Edmund coughed to bring his thoughts back. He replied, "Yes, it is. All we have to do now is to just wait for everyone." Carla smiled upon hearing confirmation from Edmund. The ceremony would finally start next week, members of the An family would be coming here from all over the world.

"Mommy! Grandma Kaylee's the best! She's been playing with me a lot! Can we please, please visit her next time?"

Sally said when she ran to Carla.

"Hahaha! What a sweetheart! Aren't you just as sweet as your mother?" Kaylee couldn't help but giggle upon hearing what Sally said.

"You want to play more with me, don't you? That's easy! I love kids, especially smart kids like you! In the future, whenever I have time, I'll visit you and play with you. You can visit me too if you want to play! How does that sound?"

Kaylee said with a big grin on her face while she walked towards Sally.

She played with Sally's face when she got near. Carla honestly didn't expect Kaylee would like Sally that much. They weren't related by blood but they still seemed to be closer than relatives.

"Carla, do you have time tomorrow night?"

Suddenly, Kaylee asked Carla.

Her question caught Carla by surprise. She smiled in response and said, "Let's see what you want first before I'll tell you if I have the time."

She remembered that Terence had given her a hard time when she accepted other people's invitation without knowing what it was about.

She learned her lesson. This time, she was careful.

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