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   Chapter 637 The Ugly Moment

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9943

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Soon enough, the morning of the following day had arrived.

"Who is it?"

Eunice asked as she was sitting on the table with her son and trying to get him to finish his breakfast quickly. When she heard the doorbell ringing, she asked the servant to check who it was on the door.

"Mrs. Eunice, there's a someone named Lucy who wants to see you,"

the servant informed her as she walked back.

"Lucy? What is she doing here?" Eunice whispered under her breath. After that, she gave Eric a pat on his shoulder and said, "Eric, hurry and finish your breakfast. You're going to be late for your tutoring class,"

Eunice reminded him as she got up from her seat and walked out of the dining room.

The servant let Lucy in and asked her to wait in the living room. Seeing Eunice come in, Lucy didn't bother standing up. She simply sat still on the couch.

"Lucy, shouldn't you be waiting for the baby to come in a quieter place? Why did you suddenly come looking for me so early in the morning?"

Hearing this, Lucy simply stayed in place and paused for a while. Then, with quite a condescending sneer, she said, "I just came by to visit my good partner, Mrs. Eunice. Her house is nice and big, just as I expected it would be.

With all of these servants she has around here, it doesn't come as a surprise that she doesn't care about poor and powerless people like me." It seemed that Lucy didn't come to have a decent conversation.

Her words were brimming with sarcasm.

Seeing the look of hostility on her face, Eunice walked over and took a seat right beside her. "What's the matter? What happened? Why are you suddenly talking like this?"

"What happened? Do you really not know what happened? How could you be so calm while you're asking me that?" Feeling so upset to the point that she was almost laughing, Lucy took the piss out of Eunice as she stared at her calm expression.

From what she said, Eunice was the one to blame for what she was going through right now. Because of that, she couldn't accept the fact that Eunice was still enjoying a perfect life while everything in hers was falling apart.

"Let's stop beating around the bush, shall we? Do you have any idea where you are right now? This is not the right place for you to make a fuss like that," Eunice gave her a dressing down in such a cold voice.

At the moment, Eunice was completely clueless as to what was going on with Lucy, and she wasn't planning to put up with her.

Lucy wasn't worth wasting even a bit of her time on.

"I just came over to ask you how you set up everything that night. You were the one who gave me the name of the waiter and booked the room for me. Now, would you mind telling me why the baby I have inside my belly ended up belonging to someone else and not Terence?"

As she was saying this, Lucy subconsciously and tightly grasped the middle part of her shirt. She couldn't get an ounce of sleep last night. Whenever the thought came into her

such a situation!

You're the one who did this to yourself! You ruined your life on your own! You only have yourself to blame for it! Don't try to put the blame on me!"

Upon hearing that, Lucy felt so ashamed and angry at the same time, so she had to look away. In truth, she actually had felt that something seemed to be quite amiss at the time. That being said, because what she did was quite disgraceful, she couldn't muster up the courage to turn the lights on to check.

"I may have offered you a chance to do it. However, you are still the one who had decided to take the offer, isn't that right? You were the one who screwed up on this. It is blatant nonsense for you to take it out on me!

"Lucy! I am telling you right here and right now! We are done with this! I don't want to have anything to do with you from now on! Get out my house this instant!"

Eunice furiously yelled as she pointed her toward the front door.

Because of what happened, Eunice's morning had been completely ruined by Lucy.

"Oh, now you're saying you don't want to have anything to do with me? Okay then. You don't have to worry. I will do as you please. However, it won't come cheap! Don't tell me you've already forgotten about that little deal of ours. I promised to keep my mouth shut so that no one would ever find out how much of a dirty and despicable person you are deep inside.

Now, since I wasn't able to get what I wanted, you're going to have to give me a little payoff if you want me to keep my lips sealed!"

Lucy stated, laughing rather maniacally. Then, she went on and added, "You have promised to give me two million. How about we make that twenty million dollars instead? Just think of it as a way to make your miserable friend feel a bit better. But in case that doesn't work for you, you could just consider it as a small price to pay for me to keep my mouth shut."

Upon hearing that, Eunice was left at such a loss for words. She was foaming in the mouth!

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