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   Chapter 636 A Wedding and A Funeral

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After he finished, Sean got up and meekly sat next to Carla.

Deep in his heart, he knew that Carla was just worried about him.

"Sis, please, you can't just think of the unpleasant outcomes of this decision. Grandpa Nicholas served in the army for most of his life. And right now, he's not just alive, he's still very healthy! Serving the army doesn't ultimately mean that I will end up dead or severely injured. Can you trust me enough that I could take good care of myself?"

Carla just bit her lips and didn't utter a single word.

Sean continued, "Sis, I want to grow up to be a strong man. And I can't tell you how much I can't wait to achieve that. I want to be strong enough so I can protect you and Sally. This is the start of that dream. Even though you already have Terence, don't you think it's better to have both of us protecting you?"

Sean's young and juvenile face, not only had a wide smile on, it was filled with an unspeakable determination. It made him stand out from other boys his age.

"Sis, I'm not asking you to be happy about this, I'm just asking you to support it." Sean tried one more time.

However, Carla only took her hand out of his grasp and stood up.

"Do whatever you want. You're old enough to make your own decisions. My opinion doesn't matter anyway since it seems like you already made up your mind."

While she was speaking, Carla was already on her way to the stairs.

Realizing there was absolutely nothing she could do, Carla could only sigh and accept the fact that Sean would just do whatever he wanted.

She was his sister, and it was her responsibility to worry about her younger brother. Carla knew that the moment he joined the army, she would not stop worrying about him every single day and night.

Before she walked into their bedroom, she heard a series of ecstatic laughter coming out of the room. She was only at the end of the hall, but she could already hear it.

Inside the room, Sally was clinging behind Terence's neck. She was actually scared of falling but still unwilling to let go.

Hearing the crack of the door, they knew Carla was back. Terence finally put Sally down. "Sally is a good girl, right? It's time to go to bed. A good girl always goes to bed on time, right?"

Sally was exhausted too. She pouted and replied, "Daddy, can I sleep with you and Mommy tonight? You can take me back to my room after I fall asleep. Please!"

Terence looked at Carla and she stared back. It wasn't that long before they could respond but Sally was actually getting impatient. She continued, "I don't want to fall asleep alone."

Sally's poor and pitiful look, complete with her puppy eyes successfully melted Terence's heart. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and agreed, "Okay, go and get in bed then."

Sally nodded immediately. Then, she happily exclaimed, looking towards Carla, "Mommy, don't forget to read a bed time story for me later!"

Afterwards, Sally marched to the inner room with a smile that could not get any wider.

Once they were alone, Terence immediately knew that Carla had something on her mind with just one look at her. He walked towards her and held her from behind, the moment he was close enough.



"You think? That means you're not really on your period. If we don't do it now, when should we do it? A week later?" Terence smiled cunningly while he softly put her on the bed.

Carla gave him a glare and knew she was not going to escape him tonight.

She could only hope that her period would come sooner.

Meanwhile, Lucy's life was falling apart that very night.

After she walked out of the YJ restaurant, she felt like life had drained out of her. She even got lost. She wandered on the busy streets of the city and almost got hit by a car several times. If she wasn't lucky enough, there was a high possibility that she wouldn't be able to make the night.

She had no idea that she had made a complete fool of herself.

Like a complete clown, she even went back to him. All she wanted was for him to take her back and to have a place by his side.

Now, she didn't even know who the father of her baby was.

She laughed out loud.

She laughed at herself for being such a joke.

Lucy had loved the wrong person in the past, and she had ended up becoming a single mother. But it wasn't all her fault. She was young and naive at the time.

But this time, she had brought everything on herself.

After she carefully planned everything, she never imagined that she would be the one to desecrate herself like this.

She screamed as hard as she could.

She didn't want the humiliation. She blamed Eunice for everything. She believed that Eunice was the one who brought this extreme disgrace on her.

If it wasn't for Eunice, she believed she would not end up in such a shameful situation. It was Eunice's plan, and she was the one who arranged everything.

If it wasn't for Eunice, she would never be pregnant with a stranger's baby.

Instead of getting what she wanted, Lucy had lost her dignity. And now, she was pregnant.

Lucy was already exhausted. She already had her hands full. She didn't have the energy and money to take care of another baby.

Lucy thought that she had to abort the baby. She didn't have a choice.

However, before she did so, she had to make Eunice pay for everything!

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