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   Chapter 635 Sean's Decision

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"How could you deny what happened? We... we did spend the night together Terence... You were even the first person I saw in the morning!"

Lucy replied while clenching her hands tight enough for her skin to turn red.

She, of course, had imagined many excuses he could use against her. However, never in her wildest dreams had she thought he would try to deny the fact.

Hearing this, Terence couldn't help but let out a chuckle as if he heard a really funny story. "Yes, I did go inside the room in the morning, but it doesn't mean that I slept there the night before."

"Unfortunately for you, I drank too much that night and didn't even sleep there. Oh! But I do remember that one of my friends slept inside that room."

"I entered the room the next morning just to get my coat. That's all that happened."

Right after he finished talking, Lucy's face went pale. Soon, it lost its color. She gaped at Terence who sat across her. She was at a loss for words.

"You... you must be joking Terence. Please don't kid around!"

Lucy just couldn't believe that the man whom she had slept with that night wasn't Terence.

"Do I look like the type to joke around about this? If I did what you said I did, I will own up to it and take responsibility," Terence stood up as he said this. He initially thought she would come up with something much more interesting to keep this silly charade going.

It seemed that this was all she could do to take advantage of her pregnancy.

"If you think I'm lying, we can simply have a paternity test to see if it's mine after you deliver the baby,"

Terence responded while leaving the room.

"No! That's impossible!" Lucy just couldn't accept this. She suddenly stood up and ran towards Terence to grab on to his jacket. "Terence, you're joking, right? That man... How could it not be you? It had to be you!"

Terence was not pleased with Lucy grabbing onto him. He gave her a disgusted look. "You might not know this, but Carla was there with me that night. I spent the night with her, we didn't even notice that you were at the hotel."

"I think we both know very well what you have been trying to do!"

"I highly suggest that you get rid of the baby as soon as possible, and... you should get your dirty hands off me."

Terence pulled his jacket out of her hands and gave her a chilly look.

"Seeing as this is resolved, I don't think there is any need for us to see each other. If you still care about the little reputation you have left, you should leave JA City with Gail and find a place where no one knows about you. Don't let Gail feel shame about having a mother like you,"

He finished the conversation and walked out without looking back. When he saw a trash can along

las that I'd join the army in the future..."

He had already decided on this a long time ago, he just didn't know how to break the news to Carla.

Carla's reaction was just as he expected it to be.

She tried to take a sip of water. However, her hand froze just as she was about to do so. She slowly placed the cup down on the table. "Sean... do you know what you're talking about? Did Terence ask you to do it?"

"No, he didn't," Sean quickly shook his head to deny it. A serious and determined look appeared on his young and handsome face. "I made this decision myself. I'm already old enough to know what I want to do."

"Are you? You're still only fifteen years old! Do you really know what this kind of decision means? Do you know how much you're going to suffer by joining the army?"

It was impossible for Carla to keep her calm upon hearing this. If Sean joined the army and got assigned in an office type job, she would be completely okay with it.

However, Nicholas had planned to train him for war. He was going to join in life and death battles. There was absolutely no way she could just happily watch him risk his life like that. She knew very well he was going to get hurt, one way or another.

As seen with Nicholas, he was still suffering from a lot of pain with the scars that he got during the war when he was still young.

Although it wasn't obvious, even Terence had many scars on his body just from the five years of serving the in army.

"Sis, I know what I'm getting into. Please don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. I'm big now! I have always admired the soldier's bearing and unyielding spirit. I've always wanted to be like that!"

"Now that I finally have the chance to do it. I don't want to miss this opportunity..."

Sean said with a determined look on his face.

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