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   Chapter 633 Lucy's Pregnancy (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5648

Updated: 2019-12-17 00:03

"Carla, how was it? Do you feel much better now?"

Terence asked as he walked over towards her with a big smile on his face after putting on his shirt and walking out of the operation room.

Because he didn't want her to get worried too much, he had lied to her about his actual condition in the past.

That being said, he became honest with her this time around.

Carla felt so exhilarated and was jumping for joy. Then, she walked forward, put her hands on his waist and said, "Is this real? Please don't tell me this is just a dream. Or could it be that you're just lying to me and Doctor Allen is in on this?"

"Oh, no! I don't lie to anyone about things like this!"

A voice from behind exclaimed. As it turned out, Doctor Allen was standing there behind them. With a shrug of his shoulders, he waved his hand to clear his own name.

Wrapping his arms tight around her waist, Terence lifted Carla up in the air and replied, "You heard what Allen said, right? I'm not lying to you this time! I swear to God!

As she caressed his face, she couldn't help herself from giggling. Then, she put her arms around his neck and held onto him.

Terence waved Doctor Allen goodbye and walked out of the clinic carrying Carla in his arms.

"It's such a pleasant feeling having a person to love and have that person love you back."

Doctor Allen expressed how he felt about the amazing and somewhat enviable love those two shared with each other.

While they were on their way back home, Carla kept touching Terence's face and telling him to just focus on the road, "Can you please keep your eyes on the road? And can you also stop turning your head and looking at me? It's makin

ng to be the last time I'm going to meet up with her! It's about time, this thing comes to an end."

Lucy shouldn't be a part of his life anymore. If it weren't for him losing his memories, there was no way he would've ever let her into his life, and everything else wouldn't have happened.

Giving him a tender smile, Carla replied, "I believe you. I have never doubted you about it in my life."

This made Terence laugh out loud. "Carla, it doesn't end with just this, I will make you trust me on everything! I've decided that this is gonna be my new goal in life!"

Moments later, it was almost dinner time.

Carla and Terence headed to the YJ restaurant and had dinner there. Just as they were almost done eating, Lucy finally called.

"Carla, could you please just wait here for me? I promise it won't take any longer than twenty minutes."

Terence said as he stood up, leaning over a little to plant a kiss on Carla's forehead. Then, he gently added, "You already know the room number. If you're worried, you can go there together with me now. Otherwise, please just feel free to come in anytime you want."

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