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   Chapter 631 The Real Terence Is Back (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5542

Updated: 2019-12-16 00:40

Speeding cars flew like bullet trains on the road.

Meanwhile, Terence had his arms wrapped around Carla as tightly as possible as they walked along the sidewalk.

"So why didn't you come back last night? What happened?"

Terence frowned. With his voice sounding painful, he then continued, "Did you forget what I had just told you?" I had already told you the truth that that Terence was not me at all! Why did you take him seriously?"

For a while Terence was at a loss for words as he could not believe that he had almost lost the woman that he truly loved. Just the thought of it made him want to slap his own face.

"Terence, I am serious about this! I think it's best if we stay apart and give ourselves some space until you fully recover your memories."

Carla pushed him away calmly, without a trace of any anger on her face. It took her a whole night just to decide how she would bring this up to Terence with her composure intact.

"No! I don't want to. I disagree!"

Without thinking twice, Terence had already rejected her idea without even considering it. "You are my first and only wife! There is nothing that could ever keep us apart!"

If he had only known from the start that he could hurt her after his treatment, he would not have gone through with it in the first place.

After all, only a serious issue could split up a lovely couple such as them.

Terence was firm on his decision and he would do whatever it took for them not to break up.

Carla then took a glance at the busy street buzzing with the loud horns of cars and the voices of people walking by. Then, she turned her eyes to Terence and suggested, "Why do

d to hear it more, because I wasn't strong enough..."

Terence said in a voice full of pain as he stared at her with his dark and beautiful eyes.

"I couldn't accept the fact you were not there with me. And I couldn't breathe even at the thought of not seeing you. I just can't lose you, Carla. The pain was unbearable, and my heart shattered into pieces..."

Carla's eyes grew wide for she was pleasantly surprised at what she heard. She then called out his name softly, "Terence?"

Terence kept silent for a while and didn't reply. Then he continued painfully, "But these experiences are not even the worst part of them all! There's more!"

"You had already come back, but I couldn't remember you and I kept pushing you away! And I just realized how stupid I had been!"

Carla shook her head and looked at him with tears falling from her eyes. "No, Terrence. Take that back. That's not true! It's all my fault! If I didn't put myself in such a situation, I wouldn't have gone missing. You wouldn't have suffered that much, and Grandpa Nicholas wouldn't have found that hypnotist for you..."

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