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   Chapter 630 Not The Same Person

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"Husband? What is a husband? Is it something I can eat or drink?"

asked Carla, feeling tired and drowsy. She burped unapologetically and closed her eyes.

On the other side of the line, Terence fell silent. After a while, he burst, "Nathan! Locate her right now!"

"Yes, sir!" Nathan answered and walked away quickly.

Listening to the short exchange, Carla suddenly opened her eyes. "Terence, don't look for me! I don't want to see you right now!"

She suddenly realized who she was speaking to.

"Oh? It seems like now you know who I am. I really thought you drank so much you lost your mind!" said Terence, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

She could hear every single word he uttered clearly, even the sneers he made. Even though she was drunk, she was back to her senses.

She had finally realized one thing.

Terence wasn't the person she knew four years ago, anymore.

Although he treated her nicely and cared for her tremendously, he was never going to be the same person.

The kindness and love he exhibited only seemed like copies of what he had done for her in the past.

The real Terence, the one who belonged to her fully, was lost.

After the treatment, she was able to see it clearly. Initially, she wondered if it was really necessary to retrace all their memories.

But now there were no doubts.

"Terence, do you still love me?"

Carla held her phone tightly, staring out of the window with her blurry vision. The curtain moved lazily with the breeze, complementing the quietness of the moment.

She had to admit the resentment she was feeling for Terence was not a phase, it was a part of what she really felt.

Terence was taken aback. He wasn't expecting her to ask him such a question. After a pause, he asked, "Does it matter? Whether I love you or not, we are going to live together..."

He didn't want to see her either, but it was strange to even think of leaving her.

It was indeed a complicated feeling.

"Of course, it matters!" Carla felt dizzy, but her mind was aler


He reached Violet's house, but he didn't find Carla there.

She had already left.

He asked Violet if she knew where Carla was, but she didn't know anything. She thought Carla had gone home.

Carla hadn't told Violet anything. She'd gotten drunk, and Violet only found her passed out, getting no chance of asking her anything.

While Terence was looking for her, Carla was on her way to meet Kaylee.

She had left Violet's house early in the morning to go to Kaylee's office.

She had made an appointment, and she hated to be late.

Carla had picked a few photos and asked Kaylee to print them for her. She wanted to put them up on her wall.

It was still early when she finished.

Carla decided to start hunting for a new house.

Sally wasn't at school, and Sean was keeping her company, so she had nothing to worry about.

She had a bad hangover, but she remembered the conversation she'd had with Terence.

Now sober, she didn't regret her decision. He was changing and it wasn't going to stop. Carla preferred to wait until he remembered everything. She really didn't want to put up with his unstable behavior.

She stepped out of Kaylee's office and hailed a taxi.

Before she could get inside, her arm was pulled away with force.

She fell into a nice and warm embrace without even having a chance to look back.

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