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   Chapter 628 The Man Who Ruined Her Day

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8671

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"What is wrong?"

Carla asked. She couldn't shake the bad feeling she had.

"If I go to the flower show, you can't go. Only one of us can go,"

Terence said in a cold and uncaring voice.

Upon hearing that, Carla gave him a stare, turned around and walked out of the room.

Seeing her leave, Terence breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He headed towards the exit.

He took a few steps, and a person came out of a shadowy corner, running towards him.


It was Lucy. She looked at him. Her eyes were filled with love and tenderness.

Lucy had come to see the doctor too. It was pure coincidence that she saw him, but when she spotted him she decided to follow him. While hiding in the corner, she accidentally overheard the conversation between Carla and Terence.

She couldn't help but feel excited.

She had always thought Terence and Carla had a great relationship. What she had just witnessed, however, proved otherwise.

No matter how close they were, they still fought and got mad at each other.

Lucy was sure that Carla and Terence were getting bored of one another.

She could never have predicted this.

"What are you doing here?"

Terence asked with a face of thunder as he looked at Lucy. He managed to hide his surprise at her popping up out of nowhere so suddenly.

"Terence, Gail misses you. Can't you find the time to see her?" Lucy gazed at him intently. Seeing his handsome face, she couldn't help but think of the passionate night they had spent together. Her heart began to race.

She hadn't spent the night with a man for such a long time. That night was emblazoned in her memory.

"As soon as I have some free time, I'll be sure to see her," Terence replied succinctly. After giving her one last glance, he stepped past her as though to make his way to the exit.

But as he stepped away, she moved closer to him, her arm grazing his back before pulling him desperately closer to her. She whispered in a trembling voice, "Terence, do you remember... Do you remember the night we spent together? Because I can't stop thinking about it."

Terence frowned and pushed her hands away from him.

"Which night? I don't remember anything."

Lucy didn't expect him to deny it. She shook her head. "Terence, how could you forget a night like that? You shared a bed with me in the hotel room on your last business trip. We spent the whole night together. How could you forget what happened between us?"

"Really? I am sorry. My memory's been really bad lately. I don't remember it." Terence lied. Of course he remembered everything.

lities and the fear of breaking up the family."

Looking at her, Carla laughed gently, "Oh, is that a fact?

Don't you think it's selfish to use the love you shared in the past as a way to manipulate him and keep him by your side?" The calm expression on Carla's face surprised Lucy. Did Carla even care about her relationship with Terence?

"Even if what you said was true, it wouldn't make a difference. Love is a selfish thing. Where did you get the idea from that Terence doesn't love me anymore?"

"Lucy, don't you get it? You are Terence's past, not me!"

With that, Carla blanked Lucy and left the room.

She knew very well what happened that night.

Lucy tried to use it against her without realizing she was making a fool of herself.

Later that afternoon, Carla, Sean and Sally left the hospital.

They went to the flower show.

There were countless blooming flowers, and the breeze carried the delicate fragrant scent of the grass and flowers.

There were new and rare flowers being exhibited.

However, Carla's interest was waning.

Sean and Sally, on the other hand, were really excited.

After they returned home, Carla went straight to her room to have an early night.

She had agreed to meet Kaylee tomorrow for the interview and photo shoot. Kaylee agreed that Carla could get any photo she liked of herself and print them out to put up in the house.

She sunk onto the couch, looked at her phone idly and opened a poker game app.

She was in a bad mood. She hadn't had a single good hand and she was losing the game.

The door opened by a crack. Carla turned her head to the door and looked over curiously.

There was the man who had ruined her entire day. Terence was back.

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