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   Chapter 625 Wear It For Me

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"Mr. Terence, should we call the Weather Bureau and ask them to drop more ice?" Rainer jokingly stated.

"Humph, I don't think dropping more ice would actually do anything though. Even if we dropped some knives from the sky, they wouldn't stop. Unless we could blow up this place, I don't think they're going to cancel it."

Nathan commented in exaggeration while he turned to look at Terence who had been staring at Carla through the window.

Following Terence's line of sight, Nathan saw Carla in a daring red dress. She looked stunning under the lights of the set-up studio. Every single time that the camera flashed, she would move, and it was breathtaking. And then, to top it all off, she smiled, and everyone that was watching was blown away by it.

Terence had to admit that Kaylee had a good eye. Carla's skin was flawless and Kaylee had emphasized that and every single feature that she had.

Without much make-up, Carla could rival some of the well-known celebrities and models of the country.

At that moment, Nathan figured out why Terence was so opposed to the idea of her being in front of the cameras.

Any man with a wife like Carla would want to keep her to himself and avoid any other man from fantasizing about her, or even just looking at her.

"Mr. Terence, what are you doing?"

When he saw that Terence had opened the door, Rainer quickly followed him and held an umbrella for him.

Terence walked directly to the location of the shoot.

In the cave, Carla was changing in a tiny space with the help of some crew members. She then walked towards the location of the next shoot. There was a black fluffy carpet on the ground near the edge of the pond.

She had a white, sheer, long dress and a beautiful crystal crown on her head. She was barefooted but

her fair and cute feet welcomed the soft carpet. Her long dress was fluttering as she moved. Although she hadn't made a pose, her beauty was already making everyone hold their breaths.

No one wanted to move their eyes away from her. She was absolutely breathtaking.

"Beautiful! Carla, you are so gorgeous!"

Kaylee complimented her in succession.

She could tell that the next issue of her magazine was going to be the best seller in the history of magazines. Even the most professional model couldn't give such emotions and aura to a photograph.

The photographer had managed to capture a few photos of Carla in her unguarded moments. Sometimes, these photos were actually better than the ones they took intentionally. Professional photographers always tried to capture moments like these.

At that moment, however, Carla was posing for the camera. She sat by the edge of the pond while rain drops were cascading behind her. The contrasts of the temperatures between the outside

ely, the rain was actually caused by Terence.

Although Carla was still able to take the photos that they needed, their time was cut short. In this case, one could say that the rain helped Terence quite a bit.

Terence gave Rainer a glare and signaled him to keep quiet.

If he called off the rain at that moment, it would be very obvious that he was the one who caused it.

"Let's go to the DS house!" He ordered Rainer instead.

Carla was fixing her hair at that moment. She asked in confusion, "Why don't we just go back to the Villa? It's still early."

"The house is very close from here. Let's go rest for a bit first," Terence responded as he stared at the road ahead.

Carla nodded in agreement and put her dress to the side. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes. Her back was aching a bit from posing for a long time.

Terence held her by the waist. Unintentionally, he saw a bit from inside her dress and his eyes turned darker. Quickly, he took off his jacket and placed it on her.

They barely went to the DS house. However, the servants would come once a while to keep the house clean. Therefore, it remained neat and orderly.

"Rainer, go get a dress for Carla. On your way back, get some barbecue materials from the market. I want to make barbecue myself. Make sure you get everything,"

Terence said to Rainer. Then he turned to Nathan and said, "Nathan, you go with him. Don't forget the camp stove from the Villa!"

In the past, Terence had always come to the house with Theo for barbecue. Since he hadn't been back in there after a long while, he was suddenly reminded of it and wanted to make barbecue.

Nathan nodded and simply replied, "Yes, sir."

In Nathan's mind, however, he completely thought that was Terence's way of sending them away so he and Carla could have the house to themselves.

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