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   Chapter 624 Artificial Precipitation (Part Two)

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Despite being Edmund's mistress without having any official status, the two of them had been together for almost a decade now, so they were already at a point where they were treating each other as family members.

After all, Carla was Edmund's daughter-in-law and Terence's wife, so it was her responsibility to look after her.

Carla and Terence never really addressed the malicious report directly since it got out.

That being said, Kaylee was well aware that the more they tried to speak up, the worse it would end up becoming. Any form of reply they might've come up with could just be perceived as them being guilty, so they ultimately decided to just ignore all of it.

But things were a bit different this time around, because Kaylee thought she could come up with another way to help Carla show her unique disposition to the general public, which was also another way to fight back.

"Is the staff ready? Is everything good to go? Prepare the car. We're leaving right away," Kaylee said.

When she noticed that they were already running a bit late, Kaylee knew in an instant that it would take a whole day for them to get done with the entire shoot, so they really had to start sooner. Based on what they had planned out, they would choose different scenes at different times of the day in order to come up with a distinctive photo album.

"The makeup department, costume department, and film crew are all set now! But, Kaylee, it looks like it's going to rain, so..."

a member of the staff walked toward her and said, pointing his finger to the sky and showing his worries.

Hearing this, Kaylee walked closer to the window and looked

w that they had Carla's go signal, the whole group searched for the natural cave and entered it. It was only then that they realized it was quite a scenic spot, because there was a naturally formed pool inside as well. When it rained, the water flowed into the pool through the cracks on the ceiling, and there was a white mist curling upward due to the difference in temperature.

This rare occurrence could only be seen on rainy days.

The first photo of Carla they took was her standing at the opening of the cave. On one side, the rain was pouring incessantly, while on the other side, the cave was dark and completely silent.

With one hand pressed against the wall, Carla stood there, with her dress being raised by the prop man as it was flowing in the wind and in the rain. The scene which showed wildness and primitivism was captured perfectly by the photographer.

Outside the cave, a black SUV arrived and pulled over under the rain.

From a distance and sitting inside the car, Terence was peering through the window at the woman who was so preoccupied with having her pictures taken.

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