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   Chapter 622 Would You Like To Come With Me

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As it turned out, the man sitting with Terence was not a stranger to Carla. It was Rhys.

No one could hear what they were talking about all the way back from where Carla was. However, judging from the looks on their faces, it seemed like they were talking about something really serious.

Initially, Carla thought of walking over to them. However, she stopped herself and simply chose not to interrupt them.

"Mrs. Carla, I can take you to the Side Hall for lunch. It's very close from here and everyone there has a high position in the company. It will be very quiet and peaceful in there."

Rainer whispered behind her. Being in Carla and Terence's service for so long, he could sense what was happening.

Carla nodded her head in approval. She then turned around and followed Rainer to the Side Hall.

For the whole afternoon that day, Terence had been extremely busy. It was only when he was finished with his work when Carla finally saw him.

Actually, she had been waiting for him outside of the company for a while now.

When she saw him walking out of the building, she called out, "Terence!"

Hearing the familiar voice called out his name, Terence was stopped on his tracks. He turned around and noticed a woman walking towards him.


When Carla was close enough to him, he continued, "Why are you still here? Have you been waiting for me?"

It seemed like Carla had been waiting for him for a long while. He walked over closer to her and immediately touched her arms, only to feel the coldness from them.

It rained that afternoon which made the temperature outside drop really fast.

"You were hiding from me for the whole day. I was afraid that you wouldn't go back home, so I decided to wait for you here." Carla bit her lower lip as she stared at him.

"That's not going to happen. I will be home no matter what!" Terence said with a smile. Pulling her closer and holding her on the shoulder very tightly, he walked with her into the car.

"Humph! You were obviously hiding from me since this morning like a mouse afraid of a cat. How could I know if you are going to be home tonight or not?" Carla sneered and gave him a glare.

When they got inside the car, Terence held her close, trying to warm her up. Seeing how upset Carla looked, he touched her face. "Honey, I know you care about me. And I also know that I should respect you just for being a person. But I just couldn't help myself sometimes."

He said in an apologetic tone as he gently touched her cheek.

"However, for a brief mo

ddenly felt that there was no point in doing so. He wanted to get married and have a wonderful life like the one Carla was having.

"That is great!"

Carla reached her hand to Sally and said, "Sally, let's go to bed."

Sally nodded her head like what a good daughter would do and put down the marker on the table. After a yawn, she followed Carla to her room.

"Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight? I haven't slept with you for so long."

When they reached her room, Sally pouted her pink lips at Carla while she looked at her mother with her big, bright eyes.

Seeing her cute pitiful expression, Carla picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. "Okay, you are going to sleep with Mommy tonight!"

"Oh yeah! Mommy, you're the best!"

Sally quickly turned her sad face to a happy one. She then embraced Carla and giggled.

When Carla saw how cute her daughter's eyebrows were dancing, she pinched the little girl's cheek. She took her to the bathroom so they could finally get ready for bed.

When they walked out of the bathroom, Terence was already finished with his shower. His eyes softened and were filled with love when he saw his wife and daughter.

"Come over here, Sally. Daddy will dry your hair for you!" He smiled as he shook the hairdryer in his hand.

Sally was wearing a pink pajama. She ran over, climbed on the chair and waited for Terence to dry her hair.

When the hot wind blew on her, she couldn't help but giggle.

"Daddy, it tickles!"

Meanwhile, Carla placed down her phone and walked over to them.

"Terence, I already set an appointment with Aunt Kaylee. I'm going to her photo studio the day after tomorrow. Would you like to come with me?"

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