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   Chapter 621 The Start Of The Repercussions

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9102

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"What's wrong with a wild cat? At least it can wander around freely and it doesn't even need to be stuck in one house." Carla replied casually as she didn't notice that Terence's tone had changed.

"Really? So you don't want to stay in my house. Is that what you're saying?"

Terence stared at her with his cold dark eyes before getting out of the bed.

Carla froze as soon as she had digested Terence's words.

'What did he mean by that?' She asked herself silently.

Then, she couldn't take it anymore and asked out loud, "Terence, what are you talking about?" She was just joking but it sounded like Terence took it so seriously.

Carla blinked her eyes in confusion at Terence who was walking towards the closet.

"I said, you can go anywhere you like if you don't want to be confined to my house."

Terence replied while he stood firmly in front of the closet.

"What? I don't get it." At that moment, Carla was at a complete loss. She just couldn't understand why Terence would act like that.

"You can go anywhere you'd like. Go to your mom's house or to BH City. By any means, just get out of my sight, you nasty wild cat."

Terence took a dark shirt from the wardrobe, and when he was about to button it, he saw from his peripheral view that Carla got out of the bed. But still, he didn't look at her. He could hear her footsteps approaching him and stopped just behind him. Then, in a few seconds, she placed her arms around his waist from behind.

"Did the bite hurt? I'm really sorry," Carla softly said. After a few seconds, she continued, "I didn't mean it. I just got so tired last night because we had sex, so I took it out on you a little bit."

Carla figured that he might be angry because she bit him so she tried to explain and apologized to him.

However, Terence only removed her hands on his waist and raised his eyebrows as he imperiously said, "It's your duty to have sex with me as my wife. Being able to sleep with you with such great passion is proof that I have been treating you well and that I'm not cheating on you. And you still felt upset because of that?"

Completely stunned, Carla didn't know what to say, what to do, or even what to feel.

After a long moment of silence, Carla asked with too much confusion written on her face, "Terence, are you okay? Are you sick?"

Doctor Allen had told them that only when Terence would recall something of the past would he act weird to defend himself like what he was doing at that moment. Moreover, it seemed like he really hated her.

Terence had blocked his memories about Carla to protect himself. Now that he was receiving treatment, they were well-aware that there would be some side effects.

For a moment,

immediately realized that she shouldn't have said that because it was useless. Terence quickly pressed the button when he heard her voice. By the time she arrived, the door of the lift had already closed.

She stamped her foot in anger.

In a few seconds, Nathan and Rainer walked toward her.

"Mrs. Carla, did you have a fight with Mr. Terence?" Rainer asked playfully with a smile on his face. They saw everything that transpired and it seemed like Mr. Terence was trying his best to get avoid her.

Carla took a deep breath. It was a secret that Terence was receiving treatment and only Doctor Allen and she knew about it.

When Carla didn't respond, Rainer smiled and stated, "It's okay, Mrs. Carla. Let's just take the next lift."

'Mrs. Carla didn't answer my question, so it seemed like they really did have a fight, ' Rainer wondered.

He didn't think too much about it since it was very common for a couple to have disagreements from time to time.

After she reached upstairs, Carla directly pushed the door of Terence's office open, only to find that no one was there.

"Mrs. Carla, it's lunchtime now. I suppose that Mr. Terence is having lunch downstairs," Rainer respectfully told Carla.

As soon as she heard Rainer, Carla went straight to the company diner.

Just like Doctor Allen had told her, she had no choice but to keep showing up in front of him.

No matter how much Terence hated her right now, she couldn't leave him alone.

The diner downstairs was no less extravagant than a five-star hotel, and Terence had an exclusive room of his own.

Just as Rainer had told her, she could already see her husband in a seat from far away.

However, before she could take a single step toward him, she suddenly noticed that someone was already seated opposite of Terence.

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