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   Chapter 618 Two Extreme Terences

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It was getting dark when they went downhill.

Understandably, Carla couldn't help but doze off while she was in the car.

So when they finally reached the Seaview Villa, she had already gotten a good amount of sleep.

A few moments after, she found out that Tristan had returned as well. She was informed that he went straight to his room and hadn't left since then. As expected, he was ashamed to go out and face other people.

However, he did ask Sean to deliver a message to Carla.

He wanted her to know that he would like to stay in the villa for a couple of days before going back so the wound on his face would have time to heal.

Obviously, he was too embarrassed to go home.

Carla could only sigh at the information.

In the afternoon the next day, Carla and Terence made their way to see a doctor.

Doctor Allen was a foreigner, and it was said that he and Doctor Jerry who had treated Terence before shared the same master. Therefore, they expected that he would be the one most familiar with Doctor Jerry's treatment in the industry.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. An. I've read over Jerry's treatment plan before accepting your invitation,"

Doctor Allen tried to explain the situation with his poor Chinese. Since many of his clients were Chinese, he had learned the language on purpose. Therefore, he was a little fluent in daily communication and interactions.

"Unfortunately, I found one problem which is not helpful for the hypnosis. That is, even back then, you were not sensitive to the hypnosis. For some reason, your defenses against it were relatively high."

Doctor Allen said as he looked through Terence's information on his hand once again.

Normally, some women, children, and people with low willpower were highly sensitive to hypnosis, so it was very easy to hypnotize them. But Terence was different because it was hard for him to get into a hypnotic state. Even if someone tried to hypnotize him, there was a high likelihood that he could regain consciousness at any time during the process.

If that happened, the treatment would have to be instantly terminated. That was why all the countless doctors that they had approached weren't able to heal him.

Carla who was sitting opposite the doctor asked after glancing at Terence, "Doctor Allen, do you mean to say that the chance for him to recover is very low?"

'At present, Terence behaves normally. He doesn't show any signs of any psychological trauma or instability, so is it really more difficult to hypnotize him?

If he couldn't be hypnotized and there is no other way to treat him, then it would be impossible for him to recover his memories. Is this what the doctor meant?' Carla wondered by herself.

a physical disease.

"Well, we could decide not to go on with the treatment. I figured that it doesn't matter if you remember every memory that we shared or not. We can create new memories together. Just like our memories these past few days, they're all stored in your mind, right?"

Looking up at him, Carla replied with her own concerns.

"No, Carla."

Terence held her hand and placed it just above his heart. Then, he said gently, "I want to recover every single memory, bit by bit, as long as they're about you, about us. We can't return to the past, so the memories that we have then are more precious for me.

Although Rainer has told me a lot, I just couldn't feel it. It's just⁠—different.

I want to remember what I felt when my heart raced and I want to feel the warmth that our memories bring."

"Terence..." Carla tried to say something but she couldn't find the right words to say it.

"Trust me, Carla. I'll be the complete Terence who only belongs to you," he promised.

Bowing his head and kissing her forehead, Terence continued, "Promise me that you'd be patient with me, no matter what I say or what I do, and you won't leave me even if I drive you crazy. Because when those moments happen, you know that person is not the real Terence."

They stared at each other for a short while and hugged tightly afterward. Then, Terence went back to the clinic by himself.

According to the rules, during the treatment, no one other than the patient was allowed to stay inside because the Doctor needed everything to be perfectly quiet.

So Carla had to wait outside.

As time passed by, Carla paced back and forth along the windows of the corridor. She watched the sky outside turn to pale gray-blue, dark blue, and dark gradually.

Finally, the door of the clinic opened.

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