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   Chapter 617 The Hotel On The Top Of The Hill

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8688

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"Sounds good! We can take Sally and Sean along too!"

Without thinking twice, Carla smiled and replied, "Let's do it at home! It will be easier for everyone!"

Since there was a swimming pool in their house, Carla didn't see the point in going outside and paying to swim at a public pool.

However, Terence was determined. He shook his head and responded, "I know a hotel located at the top of the hills, it's surrounded by mountains on all sides. One can look at them while being in a nice, warm pool. We have to go there!"

"That sounds really nice, but can we do it some other day? Some day when the kids can come with us? They will love it!"

Carla said, mentioning the kids again.

"No, Carla! Just the two of us should go!" said Terence, frowning. He then flashed a smile at her. "Honey, we need to go on a date. How would that be possible with the kids around us?"

Carla was taken aback. His hand, which was now around her waist, making her feel ticklish. She pushed his hand away playfully, then she spoke, "Alright then. Whatever you want, I'll come!"

Carla had promised to satisfy his wishes, so she didn't argue too much and agreed as he asked.

"Before we go, we should stop by the hospital to check on Tristan..." Carla said sadly, thinking about Tristan's face which must be in pain.

"There is no need for that. A few hits will not kill him. He will be fine!" Terence said in a casual tone.

"So... are we leaving for the hotel now?" Carla asked looking at his face expectantly.

"Yes, we are! We need to let go and relax!"

"You just can't wait, can you?"

"Hey, hey... I just think we deserve a break from all the work!"

Terence simply replied, trying to contain his excitement. Soon, they were on their way.

The hotel was famous for its natural hot springs. Many rich and powerful people came here regularly for their getaways. Carla had even seen a news report about it.

She never thought she'd be visiting it one day.

On the way, Terence made a call to make an appointment.

Before they arrived, the staff had already prepared a private pool for them.

It truly was on the top of the hill. The room was surrounded by strong, bullet-proof glass, which ensured their safety while they remained suspended in nature. The glass was at quite a distance from them, giving them plenty of room to explore the greens under them.

The entire place was like a sealed case, it was undisturbed by weather. Neither snow nor hail would bother them while they enjoyed the perfectly warm water.

This was a room that was only opened for people with a spe

jaw, then she asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? There is no need for you to hide it...

But this place is so out in the open. I am afraid people might see us. I don't want to be hot news again!"

The rumors about Carla's death had just died down. She needed to be very careful right now.

"Don't worry about that,"

Terence replied with a smile. He grabbed the controller that was kept on the tray with the wine bottle, and he pressed a button.

Beautiful, heavy curtains slowly dropped down and covered the glass. Even the roof got covered with a shade.

No one could see them from outside, but they could still enjoy the views.

"How about now?"

Terence narrowed his eyes, his mouth cracking open into a big smile.

Carla laughed and kissed him on the lips.

The warm water and the generally beautiful atmosphere excited her like never before. She had never been this enthusiastic.

And her enthusiasm set his passion on fire.

He couldn't wait anymore. He needed to have her right away.

He'd been waiting for this moment. Every time he was about to get there, she would ask him to let her go.

He wanted to take her, but not at the cost of her comfort, so he'd been restricting himself.

He had waited for her for four years.

In her absence, he had to put to sleep the impulse of making love, like a wild bear hibernating in winter. He had tried many times to wake the bear.

But it seemed like the bear didn't want to come out of the cave, as if it was chained.

He simply couldn't free it in her absence.

And that was how he'd been living until she came back.

The bear had finally started to stir.

This was only the beginning. It still had a long way to wake up completely.

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