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   Chapter 616 Well Prepared

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Tristan immediately closed his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs in utter terror.

The knife was going to stab into his flesh.

On the last second, Peter held her hand and stopped her from further shaming Tristan's dignity. "Honey, that's enough. He came here with Terence. For his sake, can we not spill this man's blood?"

Peter had gone out of his way to do everything he could to make Emily be disappointed and disappointed with Tristan.

He knew he was not as young as boys like Tristan any more. As long as Emily could get back with him, he was willing to put everything behind and start over again with her.

He was sure after what happened this time, Emily was going to know who treated her the best. She was going to be dead set on staying with him.

On the other hand, even though Terence gave his word to them, Peter was not going to make the situation that much harder for Terence.

Emily let go of the knife. However, she suddenly lifted one of her feet and kicked Tristan in the crotch.

"Peter, let's go!"

"I don't want to see him again for the rest of my life!"

Emily said with great disappointment as she gave Tristan one last heartbroken look. Then she turned around and held Peter's arm.

Peter patted her on the shoulder and walked to Terence.

"Terence, now we are even. Remind that boy to think before he acts. Don't mess with me again! Because of you, I let him slide this time. But the next time he crosses me again, he won't be so lucky."

Terence gave him a smile and nodded, "That's very kind of you. Thank you for letting him go."

"I ensure you if he does it again, I will not stand up for him."

Peter patted his arm and simply replied, "That will be the best!"

Upon finishing his last word, Peter and his gang got into the cars outside one after another. Soon after, they all left without leaving any trace.

After they were all gone, Nathan and the other guards walked to Tristan and untied him.

When Tristan was free, he instantly held his crotch. The sharp pain from the softest spot made him lose his balance and he fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. He couldn't scream earlier, and his body was unable to move.

"Mr. Tristan, have you learned your lesson?"

Nathan squatted down and looked at Tristan who was rolling on the ground and still feeling the effects of the beating he took.

Tristan nodded with a painful grimace and replied, "I have! I really have..."

He knew

re was no need for them to have a powerful gang as their enemy.

"Terence, I couldn't tell how much I appreciate what you did! Please accept my appreciation, along with Tristan's and the Hua family's. Thank you so much..."

Carla said as she sat straight with a serious and contrite look on her face.

Terence had saved Tristan and solved a big problem for the Hua family.

He cracked a cunning smile as he touched Carla's cheek. "What are you going to give me then? I am very picky. Are you sure you want to appreciate me?"


Terence's answer caught Carla by surprise. She quickly recovered and nodded. She said firmly, "Yes, I am sure!"

Terence had helped her a lot this time. No matter what, she owed him big time.

"Well then, since you said it yourself."

Terence's smile turned wider. He pulled out a folded paper and opened up. There were a list of locations and her finger print on the bottom of it.

"Pick one place you like."

Carla scratched her head and took a quick glance at the paper. She thought for a while and pointed her finger on the two words.

"How about the swimming pool? I have been thinking of taking swimming lessons..."

she replied to Terence after thinking for a couple of seconds.

It seemed that Carla didn't get what he meant. She assumed he just wanted to her to go swimming with him.

A lot of girls would write down a wish list of the places they wanted to go. And they would go to those places one by one.

Carla just assumed that was what Terence did.

Terence held her by the waist. Leaning to her ear, he cracked a meaningful smile and said, "Okay, the swimming pool then."

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