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   Chapter 615 Negotiations On The Brink Of Death

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Tristan got out of the car as his eyes timidly observed a crowd of gangsters who were all staring at him. He was so scared that his face was more ashen than a piece of paper.

"Mr. Tristan, if you're a man, stand by your own strength. Don't let me hold you up. It's pretty exhausting... "

Tristan was unable to stand on his own, so his whole body leaned against Nathan.

Tristan did a dry swallow and forced himself to walk as far as he could.

He was trying his best to comfort himself, 'It's OK, Terence would never let me die here. If something bad happened to me, how could he explain it to my sister?

That's right. I'm not going to die here. It's okay. Don't worry.'

"Mr. Terence, I haven't seen you in eight or nine years. How are you doing?"

The gangster's leader who was standing in front of his men walked towards Terence and reached out his hand.

"Mr. Chen, it's been a long time. I didn't expect to meet you on this occasion." Terence snickered as he shook Mr. Chen's hand.

The leader of the gangsters was no other than Peter Chen. People always showed their respect and called him "Mr. Chen". He was about 40 or 50 years old and remarried the woman that Tristan hooked up with.

"To tell the truth, Mr. Terence, I didn't believe when I found out that this bastard was hiding in your place! I also found out that this boy is also your brother-in-law."

As he was speaking, Peter was staring a hole at Tristan who was turning pale out of utter terror.

"You're right. I'm sorry, Mr. Chen. As the old saying goes, 'Don't stand at a man's side just because he is my relative.' So today I bring him here to you. Terence's thin lips curved and then he glanced at Tristan.

"You can vent your anger out on him."

He then signaled Nathan who was standing behind him to bring Tristan over.

Nathan immediately dragged Tristan in front of Mr. Chen.

Tristan's knees buckled and couldn't stand on his own because of fear. He knelt on the ground after being thrown by Nathan.

"You're not going to put on a show for me, are you? Mr. Terence. If you really want him to make up for what he did, I wouldn't think of doing anything with you here."

Peter declared while he touched his chin and smirked. The gold chain on his neck glistened as the light touched it.

getting married, he also treats her like a treasure. But he never expected that Mr. Tristan would take advantage of her."

"If they were just fooling around, maybe Mr. Chen wouldn't be so angry. Now it seems that his wife has fallen in love with Mr. Tristan. There's no way that Mr. Chen can tolerate that."

"Do you think Mr. Tristan could still have his handsome face intact after being hit like that?"

Rainer asked apprehensively.

"It would be better if that can stop him from going out to seduce those innocent women."

Nathan quietly answered.

Terence finished his cigarette, squinting at the woman who was tired after hitting Tristan.

Emily was breathing heavily after walloping Tristan. She stared at his red and swollen face.

Compared to the fair and handsome man before, his face now resembled a grounded piece of meat that was pounded and tenderized by a butcher with a hammer.

Every time she thought that she would do anything for him, including betraying her husband, she would fly into a rage because Tristan actually didn't care about her at all.

Tristan couldn't move on the turntable and his face was numb after being hit so many times. Seeing the woman finally stop, he secretly heaved a heavy sigh.

But he suddenly stared wide-eyed after a brief respite.


Emily stopped slapping him and then pulled the dagger out in between his legs. Her hand was trembling, but her eyes were seeing red.

Suddenly, her rage got the best of her and she tried stabbing Tristan between his legs!

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