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   Chapter 613 Tristan's Big Trouble (Part Two)

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Tristan pleaded for Carla to help him. "Carla, you are my sister! Please don't tell me that you're just gonna sit back and watch them do that to me."

At that moment, they were alone inside the home office.

Tristan kept on begging and pleading as he shook Carla's shoulder.

"Tristan, I want you to be completely honest with me right now. Aside from what you just told me, is there anything else that I should know?"

Carla flatly asked.

This left Tristan at such a loss. Looking a bit guilt-stricken, he didn't have the courage to look Carla in the eye. "Carla, I hope you can find it in yourself to believe me when I say that I had no idea that she was Peter's wife at the time. I had always taken my relationships seriously. When I found out that she was expecting, I was even planning to marry her..."

This sort of response was not what Carla had expected to hear, so this rendered her speechless.

As her eyes dilated, she turned cold right then and there.

Carla wanted to be frank, so she just went and asked him casually. There was no way for her to know that there was something more to the story that what they knew. Not only had he slept with Peter's wife, he even actually got her knocked up. The situation was indeed worse than she had originally thought.

This caused the anger to accumulate inside her. Without a warning, Carla slapped his face real hard.

"Tristan! How could you do something like that?"

"I didn't know! Carla, I swear I didn't know anything about it back then! It was just recently that I found out her true identity! But, it was already too late..."

Tristan had to bear the pain on his cheek as it

immediately headed out of the house to welcome Terence home.

"Terence, you're home!"

"Carla, I already heard about what happened to Tristan."

That was the first thing that came out of his mouth as he turned to look at her after getting out of the car.

"I'm really sorry, Terence. This is all my fault..."

Carla apologized for unknowingly bringing trouble back with her.

If it weren't for her being there, Tristan wouldn't have thought of coming over and hiding in their house.

"Hey, don't say that!" Terence grabbed a hold of her hand. While walking inside the house, he went on and said, "Carla, I can think of a way to help Tristan out. But you're gonna have to let me do it personally. You can't try to stop me no matter what while I'm doing it."

Given the fact that the Hua family had no way of solving this issue themselves, he knew he had to do something about it for Carla's sake.

Upon hearing that, Carla couldn't help but feel a little worried. She decided to ask him.

"Terence, what are you planning to do? Are you thinking about giving Tristan to those people?"

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