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   Chapter 612 Tristan's Big Trouble (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-11 00:13

"Mother, what's going on? Did Tristan do something?"

Carla asked, feeling quite curious as she glanced at Tristan. That being said, it looked like he couldn't wait for the elevator to come down, so much so that he actually took the stairs instead.

Tristan was just about the same age as Carla. Right now, he was twenty-seven years old. In Carla's mind, she was thinking that whatever it was that he did, it probably wouldn't be anything that bad.

"Carla, Tristan is the absolute worst! I can't believe it! That pea brain went ahead and slept with the wife of the leader of a gang. Now, the leader has found out about it and has been trying to hunt him down!"

"To make things worse, this gang is really powerful. Even our family wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He has been keeping our house under surveillance and has left no stone left unturned!"

Andrea furiously explained the situation.

Tristan was still quite immature for his age. But even so, he hadn't caused that much of a problem in the past. Right now, it was plain to see that he had gotten himself into something so troublesome.

Carla was left utterly dumbfounded. "Mother, how on earth did this happen? Has Noah already heard about this? What did he say?"

This was the very first time Carla had ever seen Andrea so infuriated.

It seemed that Tristan had really gotten himself caught up in deep trouble.

"Tristan messed up really bad this time. There was no way Noah wouldn't have found out about it. He actually visited the leader of the gang himself to apologize on Tristan's behalf. Unfortunately, the leader wasn't buying any of it. He simply said that the

ys for the rooms in the house, with her eyes glued to Tristan who was covered in a blanket.

Wincing a little, Tristan lowered his head and replied, "Carla, please give me a chance to explain myself! I honestly didn't know she was married when it happened. I swear to god! I really had no idea that her husband was...

Carla, it was just an accident! I never meant for it to happen! If I knew that beforehand, of course I wouldn't have done it! Please believe me! It was really just an accident!"

Tristan brought it out in the open, with remorse written all over his face. Carla shot Sean a glance and said, "Let's discuss this outside."

She didn't want Sean to misunderstand anything.

Without saying anything, Tristan got up from the bed, fixed his clothes and stepped out of the room.

"Carla, I'm begging you! Please let me stay here. I can't leave this house right now. There are watchful eyes looking at me. That man put out word on the street. If anyone sees me out there, even if they don't kill me, I'm sure that they're going to put me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life..."

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