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   Chapter 611 The Unexpected Guest

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"Of course, Sean refused!" shouted Carla.

She frowned and continued, "He's only 15 years old. It's too early to talk about marriage, even if it's just engagement."

In Carla's eyes, Sean hadn't really understood the meaning of marriage yet.

If the elders forced him to promise to marry someone now, it would be unfair to him.

"I have an idea. But you are likely to be misunderstood in this way," Terence said with a smirk on his face.

Carla put Sally who was sleeping on the opposite bed, covered her with a quilt, and then sat beside Terence.

"Tell me. What should I do?" Carla asked Terence for his help with her current predicament.

Terence held her shoulder and explained with a smile, "Sean could say he's willing to accept this marriage, playing the good cop. You, on the other hand, would say that you don't want Sean to accept that, playing the bad cop.

The reason why you are unwilling is very simple. You are eager to protect your younger brother and don't want him to be bound by marriage so early. You can refuse from the perspective of Sean.

And Sean can agree to the engagement from the other perspective. But he has to listen to you because you are his elder sister."

After carefully thinking about Terence's plan, Carla asked, "If so, won't the engagement be canceled eventually?"

"Yes, we just want to cancel the engagement now!

And there must be one result in the end—this engagement will be discussed again two years from now," Terence replied with a smile as his fingers gently caressed Carla's hair.

All of a sudden, Carla finally understood what Terence meant, suddenly nodded and said, "Oh, I got that! No one knows what will happen two years later!

If Sean goes abroad to study, or he has met another girl he likes at that time, the engagement will surely be canceled then!"

Carla's thoughts began to fly all over the place. She thought if Sean really had a favorite girl, she wouldn't stop him from falling in love if he was over eighteen years old.

Terence could only laugh and stare at Carla without saying anything as she was detailing every possible scenario that could happen to Sean in the span of two years.

Truth be told, the two possibilities Carla mentioned were unlikely to happen, because Sean was going to join the army.

Even if he wanted to enter a university, he had to take the self-examination.

Although Sean was still under Grandpa's investigation and trial period, Terence could tell that Sean would su

tan came to their villa. He had no money and wanted to crash in their home for an inordinate number of days.

Although four years had passed, in Carla's eyes, Tristan hadn't changed a lot. He seemed to be more mature according to his appearance, but his temperament was still the same as before.

"I...I just want to give you a surprise! Besides, it's not my usual style to inform you in advance."

Tristan replied to Carla while sporting a grin, putting Sally down and shrugging his shoulders.


Carla asked while feeling worried. She had a gut feeling that there was something wrong with Tristan.

"Carla, I really just want to give you a surprise. If you don't believe me, you can ask Sean. We have been together all the time for the past two years. He should know me best!"

Tristan said, pointing at Sean.

However, Sean quietly turned his eyes away from him.

As if he hadn't heard anything, Sean walked into the Seaview Villa.

Sean thought, 'I'm really glad that I'm a strong-minded person. Otherwise, maybe I have already become a degenerate after being with him for so long!'

Carla received a call from Andrea just as she entered the house.

"Callie, is Tristan there?" asked Andrea.

"Yes, he is. What's the matter?" answered Carla.

Carla was silent for a while and glanced at Tristan.

As soon as Tristan knew it was Andrea who called Carla, he immediately ran up the stairs.

"Tristan got into a lot of trouble! Callie, ask him to come back home quickly! Don't let him stay in your house, or you'll be in trouble as well!"

Andrea said to Carla over the phone, her voice seemingly worried for both of them.

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