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   Chapter 610 The Wife Of The AJ Group's CEO!

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After hearing his name called from the outside, Terence slowly walked out the tent.

Before replying, he noticed that Carla looked extremely upset, "I guess in a lot of people's eyes, we do look like we exchange passionate glances more often than we notice."

However, He did not think this was a bad thing to do as a couple.

"Terence! Be serious about this! Do you think it's inappropriate of me to do such things with you in public?"

It was the first time anyone told her up front about it. This made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Who said that?"

He neared Carla and held her close. He raised his eyebrows and said, "You're my wife. How could it be inappropriate for you to call my name?"

Upon hearing Terence's words, Zora froze in place.


Carla turned around and looked at Zora, "I was just about to introduce him to you. This is my husband, Terence."

Hearing and looking at the reality before her, Zora felt like she would pass out at any moment.

"Te... Terence?"

Zora's eyes widened, and the corner of her mouth twitching as she looked at the CEO of the AJ Group.

Obviously, Zora was working for him.

In that sense, Carla, his wife, was her boss too.!

She couldn't explain the shock she felt inside with words.

Despite recovering from the panic she was feeling, she kept looking at them back and forth. She worked really hard for the past ten years, and finally be in a good position within the AJ Group.

However... Carla on the other hand, only had a degree from a normal college, she only had to get married to the CEO to live the life she could only dream of. Zora just kept staring at them, feeling dumbfounded. To her, it seemed that all the efforts she put in at work, and everything she was proud of just became a joke.

"Zora? Zora?"

Carla kept calling her name after noticing her sudden stunned look. However, Zora only responded by closing her eyes, and fainting.

Rainer managed to catch her before she fell down.

"Don't worry about it. She's not the first woman to pass out in front of me, she'll be fine after a while,"

Terence calmly said and walked past her with his arm around Carla's shoulder.


Time passed by, and evening came. It was time to eat dinner.

However, Terence stayed inside the aircraft and didn't go back to James' house.

There was food in the aircraft and it was good enough for him

Carla and Sean on the other hand, stayed behind at James' house. They ate dinner there.

After having dinner, James and his wife, Cheryl, chatted with Carla and Sean on the bench

underneath the tree in the yard.

They had something to suggest to Carla.

"You're living in JA City now Carla. However, we really can't visit often. It would only seem like we can only drift apart,"

Cheryl said with a heavy sigh.

JA City was extremely far away from the village where they lived. There were

nd Auntie are really smart."

Carla was surprised with Terence's reply. She noticed that he grinned after hearing about what happened back in the yard.

Carla stared at him while still holding Sally, trying to put her to sleep. She asked, "What do you mean?"

Meanwhile, Terence had a book in his hand, flipping a page while he explained to her, "To make it simple, if Sean married Jane, your aunt's niece, Sean would naturally develop a close relationship with your uncle's family."

"In that case, wouldn't Sean help them out when he has the money and power? What do you think about it?"

"There really isn't any difference to what they wanted last time. They just want to hold onto Sean as a way to a better life,"

Terence slowly continued as he turned another page, pausing for a short moment, "Initially, you would've been the best choice. However, they are not in the position to ask you to do anything for them. And so, they settled for Sean."

Upon hearing all this, Carla frowned.

She didn't think that deep into this matter. "So, this is the only reason they're trying to keep Sean close?"

Although Terence patiently explained everything to her, it was still hard for her to process it all at once.

"That's right! In the past, people would marry the girl within their family into nobility in order to enter the ranks of state administration. It would be the best way to build a solid relationship too,"

Terence explained even further.

"Nevertheless, what's important is Sean's choice. What does he think about it?"

The final decision rested on Sean.

The entire thing could actually be simply solved if they didn't mind ruining their relationship with the Ji family.

They could just simply refuse the engagement.

However, if they did that, James might take it as a sign of looking down at them. He might even avoid Sean from now on.

Because of this, Sean was in a dilemma on what to do.

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