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   Chapter 609 Did You Think I Was Flirting With You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9373

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It was quite a normal thing for all products of the AJ Group to bear the logo that had the words "An Jing" on it.

And since the AJ Group was synonymous with high quality, it was only a given for Terence, as its CEO, to always use products that had been manufactured by the company.

At that moment, Carla and Zora noticed that they were near a tent after walking for a considerable amount of time.

Suddenly, Zora felt drawn to the tent when she saw so many products inside with the company's logo on them.

In a second, she turned to Carla and said, "Carla, please wait a moment. I want to go and say 'Hi'."

Then, she looked straight at the tent and the Range Rover Evoque beside it, only a few meters away from where they were standing.

"Well⁠... " Carla tried to respond but before she could do so, Zora was already within out of earshot.

Zora thought that the tent owner must be portentous.

When she was abroad, she had been active and outgoing so without an ounce of hesitation, she walked towards the tent with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Rainer was about to follow Zora and rush over to the tent when Carla promptly stopped him.

She then beckoned him not to say anything.

She wanted to see how Zora would "say hi" to Terence.

The curtain of the tent was open to allow more light inside.

Terence was busy typing on his laptop. His work had been piling up as he had been away from his office for the past few days.

So whenever he had the time, he would do as much work as he could.

In no time, Terence felt that someone was approaching him. At first, he thought that it was Carla.

Because he was aware that she was nearby the area.

However, when he looked up, he found a strange woman with an ardent smile on her face.

Zora was about to greet him, but when she saw his face, she froze and suddenly, she forgot what to say.

The man in front of her looked like he was so focused on doing his job. But it wasn't what caught her off guard. His profile was handsome with a defined nose bridge and bushy eyebrows. When he looked at her, his eyes were as gentle as the stars. So for a moment, Zora was just fascinated by his beautiful eyes.

Astonished by his handsome features, Zora didn't notice that this man actually looked familiar to her.

But that feeling was over in a second.

Zora greeted, "Hello, Sir! You work for AJ Group, right?"

When she walked in the tent, she noticed that a lot of the devices inside were made by the AJ Group.

The documents on the desk was also emblazoned with "An Jing" on the letterhead.

Terence lifted his eyebrows and replied, "That's right.

Is there anything I can help you with?"

Zora approached him closer and warmly said, "Oh, is that so? You really work for AJ Group as well? So do I! I

ent by Zora.

When they were a few feet away from the tent, Zora turned to Carla and exclaimed, "Carla Ji, how could you do that? Your father was a teacher but why are you so impolite?"

Carla pointed at herself in confusion. She wondered if Zora was really talking to her. She was quite speechless for a few moments before she could say, "What are you talking about, Zora? What did I do?"

Zora quickly replied, "I told you to wait outside. Why did you follow me and enter the tent? And you didn't say thanks when you were clearly supposed to. Even though you didn't know what to do, you could have learned from me at that moment and just followed what I did. Why didn't you?"


Zora gave her no chance to speak and continued, "Besides, you're married and have a child. Why did you flirt with that guy? Have you forgotten that you're someone's wife already?"

Zora shook her head and looked at Carla with so much disappointment.

In fact, Zora had just wanted to leave a good impression on "that guy". After all, in her knowledge, they just simply worked for the same company and she might need his help in the future.

When she heard those words, Carla couldn't take it anymore and she started to laugh really loud.

She said, "Zora, you have it all wrong. I meant to explain this to you earlier but you didn't give me the chance."

Carla then turned to Rainer and asked, "Rainer, did you think I was being impolite to you?"

Rainer immediately shook his head and responded, "No, Mrs. Carla. Not at all."

He thought that Carla had always been nice and polite to him.

He too thought that it was unnecessary to say thanks for a simple cup of tea.

Carla then nodded to Rainer. In an attempt to further prove her point, she turned towards the direction of the tent and called out, "Dear husband, did you think I was flirting with you?"

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