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   Chapter 608 Bumped Into Zora

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"Don't worry about it, Uncle James. We prepared this for you and Uncle Mike. This little gift is a token of our regard,"

Carla smiled as she gave a glance to Nathan, who was busily moving the bags inside.

Then, she looked at Mike.

Now, it seemed that Mike's expression softened.

Soon, lunch was ready and was spread gorgeously on the table.

They dished up a superb meal.

However, Terence was tired of eating the same stuff. He barely had anything and only had a few bites.

They left the house in the afternoon, and they went to the beautiful riverside.

The view was especially ethereal. The sky was clear. The water rippled quietly. The air was clean as if the grass was just cut and smelled fresh while the gentle breeze brushed against their skin. It was a tranquil place, far away from the busy streets in the city.

The tent was set up by Nathan and Rainer. Everything was well-prepared and ready. All the things that they might need were available. Of course, the tent that they brought was also comfy.

They decided to put up a tent here because

they wanted to give Terence a place to relax and rest.

Deep in the night, they could sleep inside the tent.

Although James' house was enormous and had enough spare rooms for guests, Terence normally didn't like to spend the night at someone else's home. James had kindly asked his son to clean and prepare the rooms, but Terence preferred not to trouble them.

If Terence had to be honest, he still actually needed to take care of some business matters and didn't really have the time to have a small talk with him.

Carla took Sean and Sally downstream where there were more fish to see. A girl named Jane came along with them as well.

"Sally, wait over there! Mommy is going to catch a big fish for you!"

"Okay! Mommy, can we grill it after you catch one?"

The river was clear enough for the fish to be seen. Each one was lively. Carla could see the carps swimming a little deeper into the river. She rolled up her sleeves up to her arms as well as her pants up to her knees. She took off her shoes and then jumped into the river. As she splashed into the water, a small wave was created and some of the fish swam away.

Meanwhile, Sally sat down by the riverbank and kept searching for fish for her mother. Suddenly, she found one and pointed to it while she called out, "Mommy, over there! Over there! There's a fish!"

Carla carefully walked towards the direction Sally pointed to. However, the fish swam away the moment she got closer.

"Mommy, you're so clumsy… You scared them away…"

Sally laughed at Carla as she watched the fish scampe

t does your husband do?"

asked Zora and suddenly examined Carla from head to toe.

Carla played in the river earlier to catch fish and Zora hadn't had the time to observe her from the excitement. Now that Zora did, she realized the Carla was wearing a luxury brand.

"He owns a business,"

replied Carla. After she thought about it, she didn't reveal too much since she didn't like to brag.

She had been together with Terence for so long now that she felt like she was getting used into having a famous husband. But even though he was famous, she didn't like telling everyone who her husband was.

"Really? That's not bad! As long as they can manage well, a lot of small businesses in our country thrive!"

Zora enthusiastically nodded. She never would've thought that Carla's husband would be wealthy and powerful.

And Carla never bothered to explain as she felt it was unnecessary.

Soon, they arrived upstream.

The tent that stood upright was noticed by Zora. When her eyes came across the logo on the tent, her eyes opened wide with shock.

"Do you see the AJ Group logo on the tent?

What a coincidence! Carla! I work for one of the sub companies of the AJ Group abroad! Although the headquarters is in JA City, its businesses are all over the world!"

Upon hearing that, Carla kept calm and nodded her head.

"I know."

She had previously seen the business map inside the AJ Building. It was indeed amazing.

If the business wasn't big and operated globally, Terence wouldn't have endless work in front of him every day.

However, there was one thing that Carla didn't expect.

Zora had been showing off all this time. Only then to find out that she actually worked for a sub company of the AJ Group outside the country.

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