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   Chapter 607 Terence's Different Experience

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"Yes, Uncle James. Terence came with me! He'll come later,"

said Carla.

Even after whatever had happened between her and her uncles, Uncle James and Uncle Mike bore no grudges against her.

They did not have a petty nature.

However, her words made Uncle James panic.

He was afraid the crowd would irritate Terence, and make him angry.

"Ted, be quick. Go and meet Mr. Terence right away, He should've been here by now. I hope to god he is alright!" said James, then sat himself on a chair.

But he was too anxious to relax. A second later, he rose again, urging to his wife, "Honey, quick! Get a room ready for Mr. Terence. Make sure it's comfortable enough for him! And what about lunch? Is it ready?"

He then turned to Carla. "Carla, you must stay here and rest. Make yourself at home. I am going to look for Mr. Terence with Mike. Hopefully, we will meet him halfway."

Carla responded with a gentle nod.

After they left, Carla called Terence.

Meanwhile, Sean was summoned to another room to have a chat with his aunts.

"Terence, where are you? Uncle James just left to look for you. Are you alright?"

"Yes...I'm almost there,"

Terence replied in a calm tone.

"Really? I'm afraid this village is too lousy to welcome you. I told you not to come with me,"

she said jokingly.

She had indeed tried to discourage him from coming but he insisted on it. Sometimes, he just wouldn't listen.

"No, of course not. I'm going to spend the night on the helicopter. What do you think?"

Terence asked gently. Since the trip from JA City was long, it would be very tiring for him to leave on the same day.

The truth was, Terence didn't like to stay in someone else's house.

He preferred to stay in a hotel whenever he was out for business. The hotels he picked were the kind that suited his requirements and lifestyle.

"We can figure that out once you get here. Please try to come as soon as possible, honey. Bye! See you soon!"

After hanging up, Carla looked around the courtyard. Somehow, it seemed both familiar and strange to her.

Her father had spent his entire childhood in this house. He'd left for town after growing up. But he always visited with Carla and Sean to meet their grandparents.

Sadly, her grandparents had passed away too soon.

What was devastating was after a few years, her father passed away too. Uncle James moved into this house and renovated it in their grandparents' memory. It looked completely new, but the feeling of familiarity stayed.

In the next room, Sean was chatting with his aunt.

"It's been so long since I saw you last! You're so much taller! How fast you have grown up, Sean!"

She paused, sighed, and then spoke again, "Time really flies! We're old now, and you are a young man at the cusp of your marrying age!"

Incidentally, Carla stepped into the room at the same time.

o stick their heads in, curious about what was happening in the house.

All they knew was that some big shots from a big city had come to their village. They didn't know who they were but were eager to find out.

Just then, Carla saw Terence sitting on the living room sofa.

James and Mike were sitting opposite him.

"Carla, come over here! Lunch is almost ready. You can wait here..." Mike said, waving his hand at Carla.

To make sure Carla and Terence were treated well, Mike had gone to the nearby town and invited a chef from the best restaurant there to prepare lunch for them.

Carla nodded, then walked over and sat next to Terence.

"How are you doing? Do you regret coming here already?" she whispered to Terence.

Terence's gaze was stuck to a glass that was kept on the table in front of him. It was clean but had some lousy tea leaf at its rim.

He curved his lips into a smile. "No, not at all. It is actually quite fun to experience such a pristine, beautiful place..."

Carla raised her eyebrows. Right before she was going to ask another question, the sound of the door cracking open caught her attention. She turned and saw all the kids of the Ji family crowd in the room. They had all come to greet her and Terence.

"Good afternoon, Aunt Carla, Uncle Terence."

Terence smiled and nodded at them politely. He then called out to Rainer.

"Rainer, come in please!"

Rainer stepped into the room with some red packets in his hands. He passed them to the kids one by one.

Nathan followed shortly, carrying some boxes of Mao-tai. It was a kind of wine, which was very expensive and famous.

James was so thrilled he couldn't keep his eyes off the boxes.

However, he responded with modesty. "Oh, Terence! You didn't have to! That must have cost you a lot!"

Mike coughed slightly. He realized what a pity it was that he didn't treat Carla and Terence in his own house.

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