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   Chapter 606 The Visit

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"I know you treat Sean as your little brother. He thinks of you no more than a family. However, you two don't have any blood relations. Do you think it's possible in the future when Sally is old enough..."

Terence frowned and muttered in a concerned tone.

He hadn't thought of anything of the sort in the past. However, after seeing how much Sally liked Sean, this thought suddenly flashed in his mind, and it bothered him.

After all, he couldn't guarantee what would happen in the future.

Parents all have similar worries at some point with their children.

Although, some lose sleep over such things more than others.


Terence's words caught Carla by surprise. Her head went blank for a second. Then, she burst into laughter. She shook her head and replied, "That's impossible!"

"You are over thinking it! Although Sean is not related to me by blood, I still consider him as a true brother. Sally is our daughter. How is that possible for them to end up together in the future? That's nonsense. You worry too much!"

"Besides, they have over a decade of age difference!"

Carla added.

In her eyes, she was convinced that what Terence was thinking was absolutely impossible to happen.

"Have you forgotten? William is older than Violet by about twelve years,"

Terence reminded her in a cold but sad voice.

There were a lot of couples with huge age gaps around him.

Compared to them, the age difference he had with Carla seemed like nothing.

Carla fell into silence. She started to think of Violet and William's relationship.

Men seemed to age slower than women. Although they had a huge age difference, they looked about the same age when they were together.

However, after she heard Terence's reasonable argument, she still felt something was not right.

She stood still and shook her head.

"I think you worry too much. Sally likes to play with kids who are older than her. That's her personality. When she likes to play with someone, she will want to play with that person regardless of his/her age. She has been like that even when we were in BT Village. She enjoyed playing with Bob a lot!"

"And Bob is about the same age as Sean. I guess that might be why she likes to play with Sean,"

Carla posited as she remembered how close Sally had been with Bob in the past.

In her mind, a three year-old girl couldn't know much about love.

She just showed what she liked or disliked using her face.

Grown-ups tended to put their complicat

lative, not family. However, making an effort to bridge their relationship closer was not a bad idea.

The door finally opened. A black Evoque SUV drove out.

It was easier for them to get around with a car.

However, the road in the village was a little worse for wear, especially for city cars. Therefore, Terence took the car with a high underpan with them.

After getting out the helicopter, Carla and Sean were immediately surrounded by the villagers.

A few moments later, they walked a little towards the village entrance.

Terence got out the helicopter while cradling Sally in his arms.

The mad welcoming commotion by the villagers gave him bad vibes.

He looked at them and surveyed the surrounding area. Behind him was an endless field and a clear river. The environment had a simple yet comforting aura around it.

Then he got into the car with Sally.

It seemed that Carla and Sean were not going to take the car. All their relatives kept chatting with them on the way into the village.

Finally, they went into Uncle James's house.

Uncle James had renovated his house two years ago. His house was comparably bigger than the others.

Since Carla got out of the helicopter and headed to James' house, she hadn't had a chance to catch her breath. She kept answering and talking to different villagers.

When she finally caught her breath, she realized her daughter and husband were not with her.

"Sean, have you seen Terence and Sally? Why aren't they here?"

Carla asked Sean.

At the moment, Uncle James was in shock. He asked, "What? What are you talking about? Is Mr. Terence here too?" He couldn't look more surprised.

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