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   Chapter 605 No Way

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The moment Terence walked in, he cracked a smile with pleasure once he saw how stunning Carla was.

"Alright, let's go. I am ready!"

Carla said as she picked up her purse.

Nathan and Rainer walked in. They went into the room to help bring their luggage down.

Terence held Carla's hand and went downstairs.

They headed to the most famous royal garden and spent a considerable time there. Later in the afternoon, they finally went back to JA City.

Carla received a phone call from Sean while they were on the road.

Sean told Carla that he just finished all his final exams. He also mentioned that he would be in JA City today.

Upon hearing the news, Carla's heart raced with joy. She would finally be united with her dear brother again!

Her life seemed to finally be back on track.

"Carla, are you that excited?"

Terence gazed at Carla and was happy to see her animated expression after she received the call from her brother.

"Of course! I only have one brother! I have been taking care of him since he was a little boy. Why wouldn't I feel excited about his return?"

Carla replied as she looked at Terence.

Terence wasn't close to his brothers. His family was more like the ancient royal family. His brothers either fought with each other to be the successor of the family or took sides to gain the most profit. He didn't understand how ties between siblings worked.

However, Terence didn't say anything to ruin her moment. He just let out a gentle smile.

Carla and Sean had a really good relationship. No one in the Hua family could replace Sean in Carla's heart. Terence was sure that no one meant more to Carla than her brother Sean.

"Oh, since Sean is going to be back, I am thinking of taking him to the old house in BH City for a couple of days. In that case, we can visit our parents' grave. It is also the time for him to pay the Ji family a visit. He hasn't been home for many years."

As Carla mentioned her proposal to Terence, she immediately thought of their relationship with their family. She and Sean had grown up in the Ji family. Although as the years passed by, they both became distant.

But she couldn't just let Sean forget where he came from.

"You are going to BH City again?"

Terence immediately furrowed his eyebrows after hearing Carla's idea. It reminded him of the accident she had four years ago. They had been separated for four years because of her last visit to BH City.

He was like a burnt child who dreaded any kind of fire or flame.

"If you want, I can send someone to

tanding in front of Sean. After hearing Sean's words, she immediately turned around. When her eyes locked on Carla, she scampered over.

"Mommy! Mommy! You are home too!"

"Ha-ha! That's awesome! Uncle Sean and Mommy are both home!"

Sally jumped and wrapped her arms over Carla's neck as Carla bent down to hug her. Sally gave Carla a big kiss on the cheek and said, "Mommy, I miss you so much!"

"Gee, where is Daddy?"

"Daddy is outside. He'll be here soon."

Carla said as she rubbed Sally's angelic face and kissed her back.

She hadn't left Sally at home for a long time. But, for the past two days she had been worried about her.

Sally stopped being clingy since Sean came back. She had been following Sean everywhere. She kept asking him to play with her.

Sean really liked his little niece. He was excited to play with her and with everything she wanted to do.

Even at night, Sally asked Sean to tell her bedtime stories.

Terence felt a bit jealous at Sean and Sally's relationship.

"Don't you think Sally likes Sean too much? Since we came back, she only let me hold her twice. She keeps asking Sean to play with her all the time."

Terence said with a wry smile on his face as he assessed the situation after he went back to his room.

"I know! I tried to talk to her once, she didn't even bother to reply to me!"

Carla was sitting on the couch. She shot him a glance and replied.

Terence frowned. He sat closer to her and said, "Carla, I am a little worried. I don't know if I thought about it too much."

"What is it? Why are you so serious?"

Apparently, Carla couldn't just put her phone down. She kept checking her phone before looking up at Terence.

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