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   Chapter 604 Abstinence For Half A Month Is Your Punishment!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10003

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Sunlight shone through the window as the next morning came.

Carla woke up and threw the bed-sheets aside. She looked at her body which was filled with marks. She gnashed her teeth in anger and growled, "Terence! A week of abstinence is your punishment! No, make it half a month!"

Terence, who was sleeping soundly opened his eyes slowly when he heard Carla shout something at him. He turned towards her and asked, "Why? Wasn't I very gentle last night?"

"Gentle? Are you serious? Look at this! Look at what you did! You call this gentle?!"

Carla pointed at her neck and collarbone. "Your Highness, Mr. Terence, look at it yourself! I'm covered in bruises! Mind telling me what kind of gentleness you meant?"

Such a hateful man. How could she show herself in public with these bruises? It was impossible for her to wear a scarf on such a warm day like this.

After looking at her again, he saw the bruises, Terence frowned and regretted it.

He recalled that he tried to be gentle, but how could there be so many bruises on her?

It seemed that his drunkenness indeed made him do such a disgraceful thing as seen from his behavior last night. He could not control himself at all.

"Carla, I'm so sorry. Promise me you have to stay away from me if I ever get drunk next time. Don't even try to help me if I ask for your help,"

Terence said with deep concern in his voice, afraid he would hurt her again.

"I'll do my best to avoid getting drunk, No... I'll do my best not to drink anymore!" he proclaimed to Carla.

He wanted to slap himself for putting her in such an embarrassing situation.

How could he have done this to her? Terence couldn't forgive himself.

Carla smiled wryly at him and she didn't know how to respond to his sudden proclamation. Yet, there was no way she could ignore him.

In such a small room together, where could she hide? The roof?

After a brief moment of silence, somebody knocked on the door.

He kissed her forehead and gently said, "Honey, you can continue sleeping. I'll just be signing a contract outside and it should take me around an hour." When I'm back, I'll take you out to play around..."

"Don't! Just take your time with the contract signing. I won't be able to go out for a couple of days because of these,"

She responded while covering her neck.

"I'll figure out something, don't worry,"

Terence looked at her beautiful eyes and promised.

He got up in his robe

and looked for clothes to change in the wardrobe. Unable to find anything to wear, he remembered that his clothes were in the other room.

When he opened the door headed outside his room, he found Rainer guarding the doorway.

"Mr. Terence, your clothes are in the other room, but it's not appropriate for me to bring it to you..."

Rainer reported while feeling perplexed.

Terence remembered that he only took out Carla's things from the other room, leaving his baggage and clothes in the wardrobe.

"How is everything?"

hing a lot.

That man was a tyrant whenever he got drunk.

Thankfully though, he showed a bit of mercy and made sure she would still have the strength to get up.

She rummaged through her two sets of clothes only to find out that neither of them could cover her bruises.

Because she thought that they would only be out for a couple of days, she didn't bring that many clothes with her.

She was in a dilemma on how to deal with this, and suddenly, the doorbell rang, interrupting her thoughts.

"Good morning, ma'am. Mr. An asked me to send you these clothes," the waitress by the door said.

She passed Carla two bags of clothes.

She opened the bags to take a look at the contents, only to find out that there was a set of brand new clothes, including everything from underwear to the overcoat. There was even a pair of flat shoes that were a perfect match with the coat.

Thank God!

Carla hurriedly thanked the waitress and took the bags.

She wore the clothes in haste and then realized the style matched her.

The creamy white knit sweater with the high collar made her look more elegant. The most important thing of it at the moment was that it could cover all of her bruises.

To match her coat, the light gray slacks were comfortable and stylish to wear, accompanied by the seemingly perfect shoes that echoed the style of her clothing. She found that this was perfect to wear outside.

She picked up her English inspired light gray latticed coat and put it on.

She spun around in front of the mirror, and just had to appreciate Terence's taste in fashion. This set of clothes was extremely popular this year.

After getting dressed, Carla stuffed the rest of her clothes into the suitcase.

They would finally return to JA City after having a bit of fun, so there was no need to leave her baggage inside the hotel.

She took some time to arrange her belongings.

Terence finally came back just as she finished up.

"Honey, are you ready to go?"

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