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   Chapter 603 Be Gentle! (Part Two)

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Without a warning, Terence pulled her hand and made her take a seat right beside him. "I promise I'll try to stop drinking too much from now on. But I just want you to know that I had no other choice this time, because the people present are the top leaders of the partner groups, so it was just right that I showed them my sincerity…"

"Okay, I know that already. You should just get some sleep. It's getting late. Good night,"

Carla sighed.

Carla made up her mind and decided not to talk to him about it tonight. And in order to avoid Terence's insatiable lust, she thought it would be a good idea to sleep on the sofa by herself and just let Terence sleep on the bed tonight. With that in mind, Carla walked toward the sofa.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Terence asked, with his eyebrows deeply knitted as he watched Carla walk away from him. Tapping on the bed with his hand, he said, "Come over here. Lie down right next to me."

"No, I'd rather not. You reek of alcohol. I'll just sleep on the sofa," Carla replied.

With that, Carla went to get the blanket and quickly laid on the sofa.

All of a sudden, Terence sprung up from the bed, got into his slippers and walked into the bathroom to take a bath. Right after he was done, he walked over toward Carla and asked her, "Go ahead and smell! Do I still reek of alcohol?"

At the sight of such a cute look on his face, Carla couldn't hold back her laughter. Then, she asked him to lean a little closer and tried to check how he smelled.

"Um... the smell of wine is actually coming from your body. You won't be able to get rid of that even if you take a shower. I shoul

ine, eight..."

Because of that, Carla yelled out in anger and felt so helpless. She knew fully well just how wild Terence could be when he was so drunk.

However, even Rainer and Nathan weren't aware of this fact. Meaning to say, there was no one else but her who could actually tell him. Only the two of them knew about it!

But as for Terence... There was a good chance he actually had no idea that was the case at all.

"Two, one... Time's up."

Not planning to give her a chance to speak, Terence covered her lips as soon as he was done counting. That kiss, which reeked of alcohol, ended up being her punishment for turning him down repeatedly.

In that moment, Carla seriously wanted to cry. To make things worse, she even remembered what Rainer told her before he left.

Terence still ended up drinking a bit of the wine that had been laced with aphrodisiacs!

"Terence An!" Carla yelled out.

"Hmm...?" Terence mumbled, but he simply continued kissing her like being crazy.

"Be gentle with me, or else, I won't let you touch me for a week! I'm dead serious!"


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