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   Chapter 602 Be Gentle! (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5710

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But for some reason, Carla still felt that something seemed quite amiss.

She was completely clueless as to why Lucy would suddenly show up in this place.

From what she could guess, Lucy probably came here for Terence. If that were the case, Lucy must be trying so hard to seduce Terence. The question was, 'How was Lucy going to get Terence's attention?'

As far as Carla knew, Lucy and Terence had lived together for two years during the time she went missing. But throughout those two years, Terence didn't so much as laid a hand on Lucy.

That being said, Lucy appeared from out of the blue and was now staying right across Terence's room. With that in mind, Carla thought that Lucy must have plotted something before she came here.

With these thoughts running around in her head, Carla took her phone out of her pocket and dialed a number.

She gave Terence a call.

It didn't take too long before Terence picked up his phone.


Terence said. Given that he had drunk a few glasses of wine, his voice had gotten a bit hoarse.

"Terence, how long will you be gone? What time are you going to come back?"

Carla went and asked, feeling so on edge.

"I'll probably be coming to the room late tonight. Is something wrong, Carla?"

"Well, I just saw Lucy passing by. And she's staying right across your room. It looks like… It looks like you're the reason why she came here. But I think she has no idea that I came here with you."

Without beating around the bush, Carla told Terence what she saw just now. After a short period of silence, Terence replied, "Carla, I'm going to call Rainer right away. For the time being, you should just stay in his room instead. Give me s

ly fuming with intense anger. The memory of Terence acting so rude toward her when he got so inebriated last time was still so vivid in her mind.

Carla kept on cursing deep inside, 'Shit! I really hate it when this man gets so intoxicated! It's like he can't handle his alcohol at all!'

Being with him for so long, Carla had already lost count of the number of times Terence had gotten so drunk in front of her.

And every single time, without fail, he would be so aggressive with her while they were making love.

As she was glaring at him, Terence suddenly got up from the bed and stared back at Carla. Dazed and so confused, he asked, "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you still not satisfied with what I did? Was that not enough for you?"

"… No. It's not about that. I just… don't like you drinking," Carla spilled the beans.

Then, she proceeded to walk toward him and help him take off his shoes.

Actually, it was not like she hated him drinking or anything. It was just that she didn't like him having too much to drink and ending up so intoxicated. Not only was it bad for his health, but he would also…

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