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   Chapter 601 Busy Hands

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"You can go back to sleep. Our destination is still far, It should take around four to five hours,"

Terence told Clara as he was reviewing the documents for the day's business trip in his hands.

He sat across her so she could have the whole seat for herself.

She yawned and held the pillow in her chest looking quite drowsy. She closed her eyes and decided to take another nap.

However, after closing her eyes for a while, she realized she couldn't fall back asleep.

She wondered if it was because Terence wasn't right next to her.

"Honey, can you please sit here?"

Carla weakly muttered to him as she said with half-closed eyes. She was comfortably lying on the RV bed.

Terence looked up and took a look at her charming face. He unhesitatingly agreed and moved to sit next to her.

She sat up to give him space to sit, right just after he made himself comfortable, the former immediately placed her head on his lap.

His smell reassured her, her eyes once again felt heavy. She slowly fell asleep.

Because of the circumstances arising from her comfortable sleep, she lost track of time.

She vaguely felt something was wrong and abruptly opened her eyes in confusion, the first thing she saw was Terence's beautiful dark eyes. He stared back at her with a seemingly cold demeanor.

"Is there something wrong?"

She said as she yawned and looked at him in ignorance.

After sitting up straight to take a proper look at him, she noticed his shirt, and her drowsiness flew out the window as if it was never there.

"Did something happen? What did you do?"

She couldn't help but humor the situation as she looked at him.

Terence let out a heavy sigh.

His shirt had been open starting from the bottom to the top. There were only two buttons left that were thankfully safe.

This was not all.

His belt was unbuckled, and his pants zipped down.

"Your hands were quite busy while you were asleep,"

Terence said while frowning. Although his shirt was wrinkled, this only made him look wild and gorgeous.

"Did I do this?" Carla couldn't believe that she was the perpetrator of this weird occurrence.

Carla scratched her confused head while she was straightening out her thoughts on why she did it.

Because she had fallen into a deep sleep, she actually thought she was home.

Terence usually slept topless, and she enjoyed the feel of sleeping next to his bare chest. His shirt might have made her subconsciously uneasy, and so she tried to take his shirt off.

"Hahaha... I'm sorry

Carla decided to go outside of her room.

Seeing as she had stayed inside for long enough, it was a bit too late in the evening for her to go to the streets. So, she decided to just walk around the vicinity outside her room.

After mindlessly strolling around, she came back only to notice a waiter sneaking around outside Terence's room.

Carla was about to confront him but she decided at the last minute to just keep watching.

She was curious what the waiter was planning to do, and so, she hid behind a corner and silently watched him.

After quite some time, the elevator opened.

Carla's eyes opened wide as she saw who

the person leaving the elevator was.

It was Lucy! Carla was surprised.

She didn't know why Lucy was here.

The waiter looked at Lucy and walked towards her. He whispered something in her ear and gave her a door key.

Lucy took the key in her hand and walked into the room right across from Terence's. It looked like she was waiting for something.

Carla was not stupid. She immediately knew what was going on.

The only thing she couldn't figure out was why Lucy planned this.

From Carla's perspective, it seemed that Lucy was dumb enough to not know she was here.

If it were Carla doing this, she would have investigated where Terence's wife was before doing anything.

However, Carla didn't know that because she overslept in the car this morning, it misled Lucy and made her assume Terence came here alone, with a few other reasons being that Carla rarely came with Terence on his business trips and that this business trip was only two days long.

No one in their wildest dreams had expected Carla to come with Terence...

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