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   Chapter 599 What Our Memories Actually Meant (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6181

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When that evening came, Terence drove one of his sports cars so he could take Sally and Carla to go sightseeing along some beautiful streets with sparkling and stunning lights.

They never left the car. They just passed by the streets one after another. All through the night, they drove down at a constant speed but sometimes, Terence would slow down so they could take their time and appreciate the lights.

Terence patiently introduced every street and view to Sally. Although Sally might not understand everything that her father was saying, she listened very carefully.

JA City was an ancient city with a rich history for hundreds of years. A lot of kings that had ruled the country had picked the city as the capital of their kingdom. The reason they did so was because of its beautiful sceneries.

"Daddy! This place is awesome! We are going to live here forever, aren't we?"

Looking at the beautiful ancient streets under the shadow of trees, Sally asked in great excitement.

"Of course, we are! Daddy's home is right here! Therefore, Sally and Mommy's home is here too!"

Terence smiled with great satisfaction.

"Terence, can we stop over there?"

Carla asked when she saw a self-service photo booth. At the spur of the moment, she thought that it would be nice to have their photo taken. Carla considered that it would also be a fun experience for the three of them so she immediately suggested it to Terence.

"Will do!"

Terence gently pulled the car over to the side of the street.

Carla helped Sally in getting out of the car. Then, they walked towards the photo booth with wide smiles on their faces.

People had gotten used to taking photos using their phones. They scarcely went to a photo service shop unless they had to print out some important photographs like passports and IDs.

However, Carla thoug

ly and pinched her little nose.

"Your mommy is my wife. If I don't kiss her, who else should I kiss?" he asked with an understanding smile on his face.


Sally answered without thinking much about it.

Terence laughed and gave her cute cheek a kiss. He then turned around to look at Carla.

"Carla, what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

"Just wait for me a little longer. This machine is really amazing. I just found out that it could print the photos on my phone! I have a few photos here that I actually want to print out, hold on a second,"

Carla replied as she carefully followed the steps on the screen.

She thoroughly looked through the photos on her phone and tried to pick out a few. While she was looking at them however, her mind was lost in her own thoughts.

Although she had recently changed her phone, she was able to transfer every photo on her old phone through online backup.

Soon, the photos that she had picked were printed out.

Carla collected them all and placed them in her purse.

After the photo booth, they went driving a bit more. Soon after, they were back in the comfort of their home.

Sally had gotten used to sleeping on her own, so she went to her room to sleep.

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