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   Chapter 597 Edmund's One And Only Concern

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"The news is not completely inaccurate through. Indeed, there was a time when Carla was engaged to Noah. However, as far as I know, the only interaction that she with the son of the Ouyang family was when she competed with him in a horse race..."

Before Edmund could finish talking, Eunice turned around and interrupted him.

"I heard that some people saw Carla and Johnny walking around the old town. They had even been seen sitting very closely in one car. I guess that's not true either,"

she commented as she closely watched Edmund's reaction.

At that moment, Edmund was holding a pair of scissors on his hand. With one swift snap, he was able to easily cut down an extra branch off the plant in front of him. "Eunice, you are a member of the An family now. You need to have a pair of keen eyes to discern the truth from the lies. Especially to the things that you see on the Internet. A lot of those are misleading, misinformed and even half-truths.

With a single article online, someone's reputation could go down the drain. It doesn't matter whether the source is reliable or not. Unfortunately, this is very common in our society right now."

Edmund was right. With the convenience of social media these days, not a lot of people cared about the truth. Only a few would care to check if what they read and see online were trustworthy.

They were completely ignorant of the fact that most of what they read were just one-sided opinions.

At that point in time, Eunice was watering the plants. Her hand froze when she heard what Edmund had said. He didn't directly say it but it was clear to her. She didn't expect how much faith and trust he had in Carla.

She turned to look at Sally who was running around and playing outside the room.

Eunice couldn't believe how much Edmund's attitude had changed towards Carla after she gave birth to Sally.

Eunice had Eric, her son. However, she had never felt that Edmund had treated her differently.

But instead of voicing out the injustice and jealousy that she felt, she said, "You're right, Father. I will keep that in mind and I won't judge Carla any more. But, Father, I don't know Carla very well. I had only met her a few times before she got into that accident. And after she had come back, I only saw her once or twice."

"I guess what happened in the past doesn't really matter anymore. She has come back with Terence's daughter. Even if she had committed some mistakes before, I think it could easily be forgiven."

Eunice thoughtfully said while she continued to look at Sally, who was now playing with a toy airplane outside. She then looked at Edmund who was still carefully trimming the plant in front of him.

"It's kind of interesting though. Carla had been married to Terence in JA City for so long but not once did I hear anything about her pregnancy. But right after the accident, it was revealed that she had been pregnant all along. It even seemed like the accident helped her to get pregnant,"

Eunice casually mumbled in a low voice.

With that, Edmund coughed and put down the pair of scissors in his hand.

"Grandpa, look! My plane is huge

enly asking about that?"

Terence, who was sitting in his office, asked with a deep frown.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just a little concerned. You and Carla had been married for half a year before she went missing. I like Sally but everything just seems to be too perfect. I'm just a little concerned about Sally's identity,"

Edmund said with honesty. He didn't care about a lot of things. However, when it came to things about their family and anything that had to do with them, he had to be extra careful.

"Father, you worry too much! We already took the test the week that I met Sally. She is my biological daughter," Terence said on the other side of the line in a firm tone.

"Oh, is that so? Then, that's good to know. I just simply thought about it today and wanted to check with you."

Edmund let out a sigh of relief. "Don't think too much about it then. I'll let you go to your duties. If you have the time, come over and have dinner with me. That's it. Bye."

Edmund finally felt better after he hung up. He then thought about how impossible it was for Sally not to be Terence's daughter. She looked just like him.

He figured that he was just getting too old to think clearly about some things that he even started to suspect the unnecessary things.

The news about Carla that had been spreading was completely exaggerated. He was Terence's father, so naturally, he had checked Carla's background before they got married. There were a lot of things about the news that didn't add up.

When he heard about it, he didn't give it a second thought.

He only cared about one thing. As long as Sally was his granddaughter, he had nothing to worry about.

On the other end of the call, Terence didn't put his phone down. He quickly called Carla afterward.

"Carla, where are you?"

"We just left Father's house. Sally and I are on our way back home."

Carla had just walked out of the East Yard's door with Sally.

"Don't go home. I miss you. Let's meet up! Tell the driver to take you straight to the company,"

Terence said as he narrowed his eyes in a smile.

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