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   Chapter 596 There Is Only One Hostess In The Family

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"Who took care of it last time?"

"It was Eunice, She handled it when you were away."

Carla shot him a glance. "Why can't she keep handling it then?"

"You're back here now. You should be the one taking care of it. All the An family members and relatives will be at the ancestor-worship ceremony. You need to take the leading role to guide all the females in the family to prostrate before our ancestors.

"That position has been vacant ever since my mother passed away,"

Terence patiently explained.

Carla yawned as she listened. "Is Eunice okay with it?"

Since this was a sacred tradition of the An family tradition, the lead role would naturally be taken by the hostess.

Carla figured that Eunice had been very much enjoying the glory of the moment.

As the An family was big, countless people would be attending the ceremony. It would be a wondrous sight to behold.

"Although she wasn't happy with it, she can't do anything about this decision,"

Terence said with a frown on his face. He remembered that Nathan had informed him about Lucy and Eunice meeting up in secret.

He didn't have to think too hard to figure out what was on their minds.

It was clearly obvious to him what Eunice wanted to do.

Eunice wanted to help Lucy in order to take Carla down and become the hostess.

Carla leaned her head silently on his shoulder, her eyes closing as she felt his warmth beside her. "I understand, don't worry about it. I won't let anyone else take away what's mine."

Shortly after speaking out what she needed to say, silence filled the room and repetitive sounds of breathing could be heard.

"Carla?" Terence gently called her name only to find out she had fallen asleep.

At the beginning, he wanted to warn her about Eunice.

This was because Eunice seemed to be aggravated. After all, in the past, she had always seemed to have a certain mocking temperament against Carla. Ever since she gave birth to a son, she seemed to have forgotten her place in the family.

With these thoughts, the night dwindled by and morning came.

Soon after, Carla waited for Violet to take Cody home. Carla then took Sally to the An family manor.

As they arrived at the East Yard, Carla noticed that someone came earlier than her.

"Just remember what I just said, you can prepare for the ceremony like we had last year. I think the courtesy done before walking inside the door is unnecessary. You can just remove them. I'll talk to the elders in the family about it later,"

Eunice said as she was looking at the list of the detailed processes of the ceremony in her hand.

"Mrs. Eunice, I c

She counted the days. Two days from now would be her ovulation period. Plus, she had the type of body that would easily get pregnant.

She remembered that Gail's father knocked her up just after a night together.

If she got this opportunity, then she was absolutely sure she was going to get pregnant.

"Don't worry about it. Everything will go according to plan. You just need to be in the room waiting for him,"

Eunice responded with a confident voice.

She liked the mindless and cowardly Lucy way much better than Carla.

Because despite being a coward, she would still listen to what Eunice would tell her.

Carla had been staying inside the East Yard until late afternoon. The ancestor-worship ceremony was nerve-wracking as it was a really important thing to the family. There were too many complicated rules, and she had to study hard for it since it was her first time hosting.

As Terence's wife, she had to lead all the females in the ceremony. She couldn't afford to make a mistake.

While Carla was studying hard and racking her brains, Eunice was working behind the scenes.

Instead of going back to her home, Eunice had stayed at the An family manor.

"Father, please don't be bothered by the rumors. Although Carla grew up in a small city, she definitely isn't an 'easy lady' like the news portrayed she was."

"Those reporters don't know anything about her. They just believed some blind rumors about the possible affair she had with the son of the Hua family. They even said she still kept a close contact with Johnny. I think they are just blatant nonsense. How could Carla even be that kind of woman?"

"Don't you agree, Father?"

Eunice voiced out as she helped Edmund water the two pots of Kaffir lilies.

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