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   Chapter 593 Have Fun In a Casino

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"Do you honestly believe that I've never dreamt of living a happy married life with you?

Taking in a deep breath, Rhys heaved a heavy sigh and said, "I wanted to be a good husband to you, to treat you well. But you know that I've never been such an ambitious person. I just wanted to do my part and, at the very least, be a decent second son of the An family, but you're always pushing me to go head to head with the host in the An Family.

If you ask me, I don't really see what's so good about that. Am I not allowed to be contented with what we have? Why do I have to keep wanting more? I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy my life as the second son of the An family. Why should I bother fighting for the right to be the heir?"

Since birth, Rhys had always been like this. His personality trait had been innate to him. Meaning to say, he was nothing like Marcus.

"But you won't ever stop pushing me and forcing me to do things I never really wanted to do.

Home is meant to be a place where you could be at ease, but right now, it feels more like a battlefield to me, because I am being forced to hear you run your mouth and complain about every little thing all the damn time.

Do you think any man in his right mind would want to stay in a place like that every single day?" —

After keeping it all in his chest for such a long time, Rhys exploded and hurled in a low voice, "Eunice, I seriously wanted to be a respectable husband. But have ever really given me a chance to do that?"

Then, he furiously loosened his collar and walked out the door.

"Don't bother waiting up for me. I won't be coming home for dinner!"

Feeling so helpless when she watched Rhys slam the door as he left, Eunice threw herself into the sofa and burst into tears.

"Am I the one who's wrong?

Even if I didn't try to push him, could he have really been a better husband to me?

Was it really all my fault? Am I the one to blame?

Oh, dear God, why is it so unfair? What did I do to deserve this?

Why couldn't I marry Terence? Instead, I got tied up with a playboy like Rhys?" she whispered under her breath.

By the time Carla and Violet were about to finally leave the shopping mall, it had already gotten late.

The mall was quite huge, so it took them quite a while to check every single shop. Carla were leisurely chatting along as they walked around. Since they were already there, they got the kids some clothes as well. When they were done having dinner and finally walked out of the mall, night had already fallen.

Carla was just planning to take Sally back to the Seaview Villa now that they were done.

Be that as it might, it looked like Violet wanted to have a bit more fun.

From out of nowhere, she took out a fancy invitation with golden letters on it and showed it to Carla. "Look at this, Carla. I found it in William's car when he drove me back home yesterday.

We might be able to have some fun in this place,"

Violet suggested, giving her a cunning gaze. "It's been so long since we did something like this. Why don't we just let others pick up the kids and



"Oh, my! I lost again?" Damn it! I suck at this!"

With her eyes glued to the roulette wheel, Violet was raring to move it herself.

"It's okay, Violet. Didn't you say that we're just here to try it out and have a bit of fun? Take it easy... "

Carla said as she patted Violet's shoulder and tried to comfort her.

"Well, do you still have some chips left, Carla?

Violet's eyes were sparkling with such expectation.

Taking out her chip box, Carla raised her eyebrows. "I've just won some chips from the slot machine. Let's give that gambling table a shot."

Despite looking quite fearless, Violet was actually already feeling a bit reluctant to continue at this point.

"What? You know what? Carla, I guess you're right. We just came here to have some fun. There's no need for us to take that risk whatsoever."

This time, Violet was the one who was turning tail. After all, she had already lost all of her chips, so she was afraid that she might end up losing her own money.

"You're the one who brought me here, remember? And now you're the one who wants to back out? Come on, it's not that big of a deal. I can just ask Terence to come to help us out in case we lose. Let's just go already."

Then, Carla had to drag Violet to look for an empty seat over the gambling area. She just watched them for a while. The players didn't seem to be betting with a large amount, so she had the option to spend a little money. Everything simply depended on luck. There was no way they'd keep losing all the time, right?

Since she had already come all this way, she would never go back until she had enjoyed herself to the fullest.

When she was younger, there was no way in hell she would've gone to a place like this.

However, things were much too different now. A lot had changed around her since then. With Terence having her back, she was able to have some fun here.

"Here! Carla, I found a seat!"

Now that there was a seat freed up on the gambling table, Violet immediately gestured toward Carla for her to come over quickly.

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