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   Chapter 592 WHY SO CRUEL

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Lucy sighed, "I'm afraid Terence will come for me," She said nervously, fiddling with her fingers. She swallowed painfully. "If...If he umm....finds out about... about it," She stuttered.

"Don't tell me you're scared now!" "Why were you not scared when you came to me in the first place?"

Eunice said in anger to Lucy who looked worried.

Lucy lowered her head in shame.

Gail had an accident, and she was hoping that Terence would come visit her because she needed him more than ever. Then Carla came out of nowhere and said things that provoked her.

Lucy couldn't bear anymore insults, so she asked Eunice for help.

Lucy knew Eunice had always wanted to be a hostess to the An family. But Eunice did not dare to fight for it because she did not have the power to do so.

But now, they both have the same enemy, Carla!

"There's no need to be worried, Lucy. Acting like a coward will not bring Terence back to you."

Eunice looked around and then scolded her in a low voice.

Lucy exhaled and bowed her head in shame.

"..." "But what if I'm only acting in vain? I've only been in Terence's life for two years. It's been four years since that woman left and Terence could not get her out of his mind. How on earth can I compete with her?"

There was so many sweet memories of the past that it hurt so much to let go of everything.

As time went by, she began to realize that what was lost could never be returned.

"How would you know if you don't give it a try?" Eunice asked. "Do you even know how many women envy you?" She added. "They envy you because you've been with Terence before. Other girls are dying to spend just a day with him."

"But you've lived with Terence for two years and that makes you a step ahead of those girls."

Lucy shook her head in frustration.

"You don't understand Eunice. Terence and me, we were not close, we did not... "

"What?" Eunice asked in disbelief.

Lucy did not complete her sentence.

Despite the fact that Lucy lived in the same house with Terence for two years, the two of them were never intimate.

She was too ashamed to talk about it.

They lived together under the same roof for two years and never did she and Terence move close to each other. No kissing. No smooching. No lovemaking.

Lucy knew she would be laughed at and made fun of if she told anyone about it.

"Don't worry about that Lucy, we are now on the same side and we

just tell me. I will break up with her. Why did you have to be so cruel?"

Seeing that he finally admitted their relationship, Eunice furiously pushed him away.

"Why do I have to be so cruel?" She mimicked his voice. "Now you accused me of being cruel? You're very heartless." —

"Have you ever stopped hooking up with those women since we got married?

I never do anything to hurt you. I married you and gave you a son, but what did you do to me in return?"

Eunice poked him in his chest with her fingers. She wasn't sweet and caring anymore. All the love turned into hatred.

Rhys just looked away and said nothing.

"Say something!" She demanded. She wanted answers. "How did you treat me all these years?" She asked.

Eunice kept poking his chest and glaring at him furiously, "Sometimes I wonder why you are so different from your brother.

Look at how Terence treats his wife!

Carla was missing for four years and never for once did he forget about her. Now that she's back, I have no doubt he is going to treat her more than a queen.

What about me? How do you treat me?"

Eunice pointed to herself and tears rolled down her cheeks. "I would be extremely grateful if you could just act a little bit like him. I even blame myself for choosing to marry you!"

"If I had married someone who didn't have a powerful family like mine, I could have at least had a man who would love me and treat me like a queen."

Rhys shut his eyes for a while and then opened them. He pushed away Eunice's hand which she used in poking his chest.

"That is enough Eunice!" He commanded with gritted teeth.

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