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   Chapter 591 Johnny's Response (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5489

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During the past two days, Violet had gone back to her old home to get all of her belongings and move everything to JA City.

They actually had plans to meet up this morning. And they didn't really have anything planned whatsoever, as they were only supposed to go for a walk and chill out a little.

That being said, Carla still hadn't gone out because of the rumors going around.

However, Terence went ahead and told Carla that he had the whole mall cleared out. Meaning to say, the mall would be open for the day exclusively for her to enjoy shopping without having to worry about hearing any hurtful remarks from anyone. No one would be able to bother her and ruin her time with her friend.

It should be mentioned that Carla wasn't really happy that he went out of his way to do that for her. If possible, she would've preferred that he didn't make a big deal out of it. She could've simply worn a mask as a disguise and gone shopping like that.

After just a short while, Violet came over with Cody.

Now that the four of them were together, they rode a big SUV on their way to the mall.

When they arrived at the mall, Carla asked Hannah to take the kids to the play area to keep them preoccupied while they went around the mall. In any case, kids their age wouldn't really be that interested in going shopping yet.

Then, Violet and Carla went on their way, walking with their arms linked together, and began to check each store.

"Carla, this is absolutely amazing! This is the first, and probably also the only time I'm ever going to experience having the entire mall just to ourselves! Do you have any idea how snobbis

were sitting across each other were quite familiar with the Carla and Terence.

One of them was Lucy.

While the other one was Eunice.

Lucy and Eunice didn't really have that much of a connection. There weren't any issues between them.

Eunice never really considered Lucy as that much of a threat. And even when Lucy was still with Terence, Eunice didn't have to worry too much about her.

However, Carla's sudden return had completely put Eunice's position in the An Family at risk. She had only been back for a couple of days, but Edmund had already decided to let her be the one to come as the representative of the An Family in the ancestor-worship ceremony that was going to be held this year.

At this point, it was plain to see that Carla meant more to the family as far as Edmund was concerned.

From this perspective, Lucy and Eunice had a common enemy. Both of them would benefit a lot from taking Carla down. With Carla out of the way, they would be able to get back what they lost when she returned.

Having a common goal, the two of them decided to work together.

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