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   Chapter 589 I Hope Your Dreams Come True!

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Before looking at Terence, Lucy shook her head.

"Terence, I really didn't do it. There isn't even any indication that I would do that! Why would you think it was me?

This isn't fair to me! It's not fair!"

Lucy felt dejected. The slander that defamed Carla had just spread for a little while, this made her think that Terence didn't even have the time to find out who did it. But why did he think this was even remotely related to her? She couldn't understand this.

"Really?" Terence spoke back in a chilly voice. "I'll trust you for now. You better truly have nothing to do with this.

If I find out you had something to do with the slander, you will regret it."

With his words, Terence strode away without looking back.

While tears were streaming down her face, Lucy leaned against the wall and looked at Terence walking away.

The argument made the one-year-old baby, Gail cry loudly, "Mother! Mother! Mother!"

After Terence came down, he looked at Nathan and said, "Arrange someone to monitor her right now."

He knew... He knew that the short-lived slander was not spread nor done by Lucy. Despite this, he had a vague feeling that the one who actually did it would find Lucy for aid. He thought that the person who was behind this whole thing would reveal himself sooner or later.


Night came and Terence returned to the Seaview Villa

The cold wind blew past him while the moon shone with its wondrous beauty.

The reason why he came back home late was because he went to see the head of the JA Television station and the director of the news bureau to try to suppress the spread of the slanderous articles.

"Where is Carla?"

He asked a nearby maid as soon as he entered the villa's doors.

At this moment, Carla was exercising in the boxing room on the third floor.

As Terence came upstairs, he heard the sound of a sandbag being pummeled. He saw the petite woman in her sports vest, clad in a boxer's attire and boxing gloves, hitting the sandbags.

Even after seeing the barely moving sports equipment, he could tell that she put her all in every punch.

"You should rest for a bit!"

He said as he neared her.

Terence could tell that she had been hitting the bags for quite some time seeing that her clothes were soaked with sweat.

Upon hearing Terence's voice, Carla stopped punching, and while gasping, she turned around and looked at him.


Her vest had been drenched with sweat and strands of her hair were stuck on her cheek, but her little face was still beautiful, making Terence unable to move his eyes away from her.

He noticed that even though her eyes looked exhausted, they were still sparkling.

Terence moved closer, embraced her and said, "Don't be sad, my dear wife. No

What do you think it is?" Johnny answered.

He helplessly looked at the camera with a wry smile.

"It's said that you and Ms. Carla are lovers and you often meet her in private even after she got married. Is that true?" the reporter asked, seeming to imply something.

"Miss reporter, I hope your dreams come true!" Johnny responded.

Deep inside, Johnny wished those rumors were actually true. He was in love with Carla from the very start, and still in love with her even now.

Even if a lot of things happened these past four years, such as Carla going missing, and him getting married. He would still happily be Carla's lover if she accepted him.

The reporter was speechless for a moment after hearing what Johnny said.

She pondered upon his words 'I hope your dreams come true' as she didn't understand what it meant.

When she saw Johnny leave and was about to enter his car, she asked him, "Mr. Johnny, what did you mean with those words just now? Can you explain it to us?"

Johnny felt annoyed after being hindered from his schedule. Because of this, he grabbed the microphone from the reporter, looked at the camera directly, and announced, "I'm here to tell all the citizens of JA City!"

I will and only will say this once! The first woman I have ever loved in my life is now Mr. Terence's wife, Carla. I pursued her love when they weren't married. But from then on until now, I have not laid a single finger on her!"

I acknowledge that I'm not a good man. But if I actually did the things the rumors say I did, then I would have declared it long ago! I don't know who spread those rumors, but know this, the woman I once loved is not someone who would cheat on her husband!"

Johnny threw the microphone to the reporter as he concluded his words and quickly entered his car while clearly looking displeased.

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