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   Chapter 587 I’ll Love Her Even If She's a Flirt (Part One)

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Terence was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he had no idea this type of malicious news about Carla was being spread around. How the heck could this happen?

"Mr. Terence, please get a hold of yourself. Through the rapid development of the Internet, plenty of news articles had been posted by some individuals. I suppose it was started by someone who didn't like Mrs. Carla and that person posted something like that out of spite." —

Rainer immediately told him.

"I've already contacted the people who are running the website and told them to stop spreading the article about her. Have you thought about whether we should move our free event to a later date or not?" He added.

Clenching his fist so tight that it was about to bleed, Terence replied, "It's still on. We're going to push through with it."

"I'm sorry, but I'm worried that this news might end up affecting our event significantly,"

Rainer said, feeling so on edge. This event was going to be held for all of the hotels and entertainment projects of the AJ Group, so he couldn't help himself from getting anxious. The event was especially prepared for the customers to have a good experience at no extra cost with the theme being that of gratitude.

Every single person living in JA City was fully aware of how much Mr. Terence truly cared for his wife, to the point that he was about to hold an event to express his gratefulness.

However, due to this malicious news that was going around, there's a good chance that only a handful of people would show up at the event.

"Rumors stop at those who are wise enough to know better. I couldn't care less whether those who believed this awful rumor attends the event or not. They're not welcome here anyway," Terence stat


Back when they were still together, he never really cared much about how she was doing, so when he suddenly asked her, Lucy had conflicting feelings because of it. "Me? I really can't complain much. Raising a child all by myself is no walk in the park. But I'm still trying to get the hang of it."

"Oh, really? Are you staying by yourself here? Where's your family?" Terence wanted to know. Truth be told, he had actually been looking around her house from the second he came in, so he noticed that there were about three or four pairs of slippers, so it was quite possible that she wasn't the only one living in this place.

"They... They were all preoccupied with taking care of my brother's children. As for me, you know, they would only come to visit their daughter every now and then," Lucy wistfully said.

Hearing that, Terence asked, feeling a bit skeptical. "Oh, really?"

While they were on their way to Lucy's home, Nathan had already briefed him about how Lucy's mother was coming by regularly to lend Lucy a hand in taking care of her child. From what he could gather, it was rather plain to see that some other people were also living there with her.

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