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   Chapter 586 The Tide Of Public Opinion

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10380

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The title confused Carla, but her curiosity forced her to read on.

She skimmed through the article quickly. As she pieced together the meanings behind the words, a feeling of dread started to gnaw at her stomach.

The writer hadn't included their names. He or she was completely anonymous, appearing to know all about her. In this article, the writer had laid bare all the sordid details of her past. Admittedly, some of the statements were true. Others, however, were entirely fictional. The author, whoever he or she was, had exaggerated the truth and taken liberties with it.

There was no doubt about it, the article was written to discredit her.

Somebody wanted to tarnish her reputation.

This article was even more surprising given that recently she had been on the receiving end of a surplus of positive articles about her. Journalists had been singing her praises and depicting her as angelic, composed and selfless. They said she deserved to be the wife of the president of the AJ Group. In those articles, Carla was the perfect, untarnished embodiment of every rich housewife in JA City. She was serene and poised, but also generous, often putting others before herself.

But this article was something else entirely...

"What the actual fuck?" Violet swore in a loud voice.

She, like everyone else in town, had just seen the article about Carla.

As her eyes greedily absorbed line after line of the article, the anger inside her grew. "Who the hell wrote this? Did the writer receive some kind of bribe? How could they write these kinds of things? For fuck's sake! People are so stupid online! They'll believe anything, even these blatant lies!"

The more Violet read, the more indignant she felt.

Worried about whether Carla had seen the article, she glanced over at her. Carla's phone was in her hand and her head was down, looking listlessly at the screen. She lifted her face and her eyes met Violet's. The color had left her pretty face entirely. And Carla was white with shock at that moment.

In the article, Carla was portrayed as a scheming bitch. And not just that, she was also a rampant and ruthless seducer of men.

The article even claimed that she feigned the devastating flood in her home just to make Terence feel sorry for her and take her back.

And that by far was not the worst of it.

The article went even further with its sordid lies.

She did whatever she could to seduce a young general manager of the Hua family, even causing him to lose his job. The article called into question her legitimacy as heir to the Hua family estate, claiming that she obtained this position after sleeping with the young and naive general manager.

And the article still said that after Carla successfully became the heir to the Hua family, she discarded the poor young manager like he was an old toy and set her sights on seducing Terence once again. According to an inside source, Carla knew Terence was in a serious and stable relationship with a woman he was considering marrying. But that meant nothing to Carla. She did all she could to lure Terence t

iolet, have you heard the phrase 'adding insult to injury'? The only option available to us is to be silent and do nothing."

Carla stood up, walked to the window, stretched her body out like a cat, and said, "The truth will come out slowly, and only if I remain calm and dignified. With time I can rid myself of these rumors."

With those words, the sea, which had been so peaceful all morning, became rough. Huge waves crashed onto the shore.

At this point, the news had also spread within the AJ Group.

"Mr. Terence, have you seen it? It's simply awful!"

Rainer called out loudly as he hurried into Terence's office sweating.

Terence was sitting, focusing on his work. He had important deadlines to meet.

When he heard Rainer's nervous voice, he wrenched his eyes away from his laptop and asked, "What happened?"

"Mr. Terence, it looks like we're going to have to postpone the activity for free sales we scheduled before..."

Rainer put his tablet on Terence's desk. The article about Carla lit up the screen. He said, "It was only just uploaded a few minutes ago and it's already gone viral. It's been shared over one hundred thousand times."

Terence put down the pen in his hand, took the tablet and scrutinized the article carefully, reading every single word. The more he read, the closer his eyebrows knitted together.

He reached the middle of the article and couldn't go any further. He scrolled down to the bottom of the page, looking desperately and hopelessly for the writer's name.

There was no name there, but he did find the comments section. There were thousands of comments stretching out and expanding below the scandalous article, as every second another reader added their opinion. Some insulted Carla further, while others questioned the article's reliability.

"Jesus. I'm going to need you to do some research.

Find out who uploaded this article!"

Terence smashed his fist down on the bright screen of the tablet computer with such force that cracks appeared across the screen like an intricate spider's web.

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